Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback – Hardware Review
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Developer: Thrustmaster
Publisher: Thrustmaster
Platform: PS4, PS3, PC

Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Quality, Feels like the high-end devices
Bad: Plastic between the rubber grips on the wheel
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With The Crew: Wild Run being featured on the site in the near future, we were lucky enough that Thrustmaster provided us with their newest racing wheel, the T150 Force Feedback, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC. This model serves to present racing fans with a ‘medium budget’ a fun alternative to the high-end steering wheels, but still with many of the high-end functions. In short, prepare to meet the T300RS’ little brother, with a few cutbacks on details and materials, nonetheless as sturdy as ever.






The overall design of the T150 Force Feedback resembles that of the T300RS a lot when it comes to all the basics, such as button mapping, shape of the wheel and base, and the pedal set, albeit with different materials used than the T300RS.

We were treated to a simple round steering wheel, with blue rubber pieces of grip, providing a fun touch to the overall appearance. Where the rest of the steering wheel of the T300RS was leather, this one solely relies on the rubber padding. Nonetheless, the rubber actually looks amazingly nice, thanks to the blue color. For once this is a steering wheel a rather original touch, as many other models often choose red by default, when adding colored touches. All of this is connected to a simple looking base.

Another likeness to the T300RS is the pedal set, albeit without the metallic finish. You’ll be treated to two pitch-black, sturdy plastic pedals, which have a gridded design, making them look like the real, save for the material used.


Comfort wise the T150 Force Feedback performs rather well, given the more friendly price of the device. It seems there weren’t that many cutbacks when it comes to overall feel and pleasantness compared to the T300RS.

The round shape of the steering wheel feels rather pleasant when the force feedback kicks in, as you’ll be able to let it slide to its original position more easily then. Nonetheless, the plastic material that is used interrupts the soft feeling of the rubber padding, but it never gets uncomfortable, you’ll simply notice the difference.


Both pedals have proper resistance to them, making them feel rather realistic, given the plastic finish. You’ll be able to change their inclination, creating a more comfortable setup. Of course, the base of the pedals has been weighed down, making sure they do not slide away that easily. Nonetheless, it’s advised to put something against them, to make sure they stay put.

The Force Feedback adds another layer of realism to your overall racing experience, but if you truly wish to enjoy this experience, it’s best if you attach the device to a table, desk or perhaps a big enough stool you can slide in front of you. As expected, the necessary ‘clamp’ has been supplied with the device, making sure you will have everything you need to make your experience enjoyable.

A feature that is actually clearly better than the more expensive counterpart are the clickers (shifters) on the backside of the steering wheel. These have received the shape and sturdiness of the Xbox One version that could be found on the TX Racing Wheel. These clickers have a rounded feel, are rather thick and are pleasant to work with.

People with smaller hands might have some difficulties reaching some of the buttons in the center, but overall this is only a minor issue, as most racing games do not require you to actively work with other buttons anyway, except for a rewind function and a boost from time to time.


  • Force Feedback
  • Still able to add other peripherals to the device (TH8A, or other shifters and pedals)
  • Adjustable angle of rotation (270° – 1080°)
  • Compatible with PS3, PS4 and PC



There is hardly any setup required to start playing with the T150 Force Feedback, as you’ll simply need to plug in the power, connect the USB with the console of your choice and hook up the pedals to the base of the device and you’re already good to go. Of course, it is advised to attach the device itself to a table, stool or something else, making it sure it stays put.

Responsiveness is also a key asset of this affordable racing wheel, as it will pick up very movements precisely and you’ll be able to enjoy the force feedback quite rapidly. There is no real delay when steering, as the onscreen action will immediately respond to every movement you make.

Just like the T300RS, this device has some kind of backwards compatibility, as it still supports usage on PlayStation 3. You can easily switch from the PlayStation 4 setting to the PlayStation 3 mode, by simply flicking a switch. The hardware itself also supports PC play, making this a great multiplatform piece of hardware.

The rotation angle is again customizable, making sure you can devise the proper setup for each of your racing games. This certainly comes in handy for those who would rather have a more realistic feel when driving, or those who simply want to try out which option suits them best.

It’s fun to see that Thrustmaster’s ‘eco-system’ remains intact for this lower priced model. You’ll still be able to switch the pedal set to a more expensive one, or one of those fancy looking ones with a chrome finish, as well as add a gearbox to the equation. The only thing you can’t change is the wheel itself. This remains a function only the high-end models are able to do. Nonetheless, for the price, it’s still nice you can add other peripherals.



Thrustmaster’s T150 Force Feedback proves to be a great alternative to the high-end models the company has to offer. For almost half the price of their top devices, you’ll still be able to experience pretty much all their functions, albeit with a few esthetic changes, in order to press the price. The eco-system remains intact for the most part, and you’ll have a proper force feedback experience. If you want something great to play your racing games with, but don’t want to spend the maximum amount of money, this one is simply amazing.

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Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback - Hardware Review, 9.1 out of 10 based on 12 ratings

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