Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback – Hardware Review
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Developer: Thrustmaster
Publisher: Thrustmaster
Platform: Xbox One, PC

Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback – Hardware Review

Good: Sturdy, Design, Pretty much the same quality as the high-end devices
Bad: A few cutbacks on comfort
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Seeing we are no stranger to (digital) danger, we wish to satisfy our need for speed from time to time by embellishing our gaming setup. When it comes to racing games, Thrustmaster has already provided us with many solutions in pretty much all price categories, except those who love racing games on their Xbox One have had to wait a while for a midrange steering wheel, with many of the benefits of the high end models. Luckily the wait is now over thanks to the TMX Force Feedback, which is basically the T150’s two fraternal twin.


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Right after opening the box, it’s quite clear that the T150 Force Feedback and the TMX Force Feedback are part of the same line, meant to be used with different consoles. While the button mapping and some color accents may have been altered, the main concept and appearance remain the same.

The TMX Force Feedback is all built around a simple circular shaped steering wheel, with small bits of rubber padding around, which are less noticeable compared to the T150. Where the T150 had blue rubber accents, the TMX goes for a more sleek and realistic black steering wheel, but adds its color components in the buttons themselves. The A, B, X and Y buttons each have the same color as they would on the original Xbox One controller.

A small shift in button mapping has also occurred as the center of the steering wheel is void of buttons, except for a subtle D-Pad. All of the other buttons have been moved to small ‘platforms’ that are linked to the center part of the wheel, and all of them are grouped in numbers of two.

All of this comes with a plastic pedal set, which has the gridded pedals we’re used to from the high-end models, but without the aluminum finish. Nonetheless, they still look detailed and for the price of the TMX, quite good.

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As this device still isn’t the cheapest one available, it’s only natural you’d want some comfort while cruising, in your favorite games that is. Overall the TMX proves to be very comfortable, as not that many cutbacks were made compared to the original more expensive models. While some changes were made when it comes to the materials used, you’ll be quite happy with what this one has to offer.

While the biggest part of the wheel itself is in plastic, the patches of rubber padding make the experience a lot more pleasant, especially concerning grip and maintaining the cleanliness of the device. The rubber makes sure the steering wheel doesn’t slip from your hands when they start getting sweaty in a heated racing duel where your digital manhood and harem is on the line, while the plastic parts of the wheel make it easier to let the wheel glide through your hands after some bigger turns.

The pedals are quite sturdy and have proper resistance to them, making them feel like quality items, rather than a flimsy accessory. The resistance makes it easier to properly control your throttle, and depending on how you like it best, you can also alter the inclination angle of both pedals. The latter is not only great for different types of racing games, but also depending on the ground your pedals are placed on, it might make a huge difference. If your pedals move around a lot, if you don’t have a proper weight to hold them down, it might help to change the angle to allow you to make a downward movement with your feet, rather than pushing it forward.

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As the TMX comes with force feedback, it’s advised to attach the device to a table, stool or specially designed stand, allowing it to stay in place. While it’s possible to place something on your lap, the base will move around too much to make it a comfortable gaming experience. After all, if the developers treat you to a certain sense of realism, we reckon you’d like to get the most out of that experience.

The clickers are pretty much the same as the T150 and thus feel quite sturdy, are rounded and make the usage of them quite enjoyable. Of course, the Ferrari models often still have the best ones, but these follow those quite closely when it comes to sturdiness and comfort.

Gamers with smaller hands might have some issues reaching some of the buttons, but for the most part accessibility is no issue, even for a younger audience. Also, most racing games that are best played with a steering wheel don’t really have that many buttons which you’ll have to use actively.


  • Force Feedback
  • Still able to connect other peripherals
  • Adjustable angle of rotation (270° – 900°)
  • Compatible with Xbox One and PC


You will not need to worry that much about setting up the device, as you’ll simply have to connect the device with your console (USB) and plug in the power supply. It’s only quite regrettable that the cables are hardwired to the device itself. It would have been easier to be able to unplug them from the base as well, especially for storage purposes. That aside, PC play might require additional drivers, but Thrustmaster always makes sure they can be found on the official website.

Right off the bat you’ll notice that the steering wheel picks up small movements without any noticeable delay, making sure you’ll get the best experience possible. In combination with the force feedback which immediately responds when you go off-road, hit something or what not, it all makes for a very realistic driving experience.

For the most part Thrustmaster’s Eco-system is upheld, at least when it concerns hooking up other pedal sets or a shifter. Unlike the expensive models you will not be able to change the steering wheel as well, but this is only a minor remark for this great device. If you’re looking for a even more realistic experience, it might be fun to look into different add-ons.

For some reason the angle of rotation dropped from 1080° to 900°, which isn’t a big deal, but just an ‘odd’ choice. While 900° is still more than enough, the downgrade wasn’t really necessary. You can also change the angle of rotation by messing around with the mode settings, which can again be found on the official website.


Thrustmaster’s TMX Force Feedback proudly deserves the title of being the T150 Force Feedback’s brother as they are nearly identical when it comes to quality, feel and the experience they offer the end-user. For a reasonable price you’ll be offered the same realistic experience as you’ll get from the high-end models, albeit with a few minor ‘cutbacks’ when it comes to the overall finishing touches and the option to be able to switch the wheel itself. If you want to invest in a great steering wheel for your console, but lack the funds to aim for the priciest ones, this one is surely worth the money.

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Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback - Hardware Review, 9.8 out of 10 based on 12 ratings

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