Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition – Hardware Review
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Developer: Thrustmaster
Publisher: Thrustmaster
Platform: Xbox One, PC

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Realistic feel, Precision
Bad: Pedals should have been a tad heavier to prevent sliding
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With exclusive titles, such as Forza Horizon 2 and Forza 5, it was only a matter of time before hardware started surfacing that could be used with these giants. Thrustmaster did its best to meet with the demands of the racing fans, with the release of their Xbox One version of the TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition. Check your airbag, you might be in for a bumpy, yet thrilling ride.





When it comes to the overall design of the TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition, you’ll be presented with a great looking 7/10 replica of the actual car, with the same name. There are a lot of subtle touches, that make the device seem a lot more authentic. You’ll notice the prominent Ferrari logo, the leathery (rubber) finish on the steering wheel itself and buttons that have been camouflaged as buttons that go on the actual real life variant.

The pedals also have a nice metal finish, to make them realistic. Again they went for a typical Ferrari design, which creates a great whole.

Of course, extra buttons were added, seeing all buttons of the controller have to be implemented in order to create a functional device. Most of these buttons have been camouflaged quite well, seeing they received the shape of actual buttons on the real steering wheel, which makes sure they will never become an eyesore.

Overall, a great design, to create a more realistic experience.



With a great appearance, it’s only natural that comfort should be another important aspect. Thrustmaster makes sure, the user will experience a decent amount of comfort. The rubber padding on the steering wheel feels quite soft, which allows you to play for longer periods of time, without feeling any discomfort. You’ll also notice that the rubber allows for more grip, which will give you a tighter grip, that does not cause the steering wheel to slip out of your grip when the Force Feedback kicks in.

The size of the steering wheel is a tad smaller than the wheel it’s based on. This creates another layer of comfort in the sense that all buttons are easily accessible. Even people with smaller hands will have no real issues with reaching all of the buttons.

When playing with a steering wheel, one of the most important issues is being able to find a comfortable position in using it. Whilst putting the device on your lap is an option, the Force Feedback will probably make the TX Racing Wheel move around on your lap. This means, it’s best to attach the hardware to a small table, desk and so on. You’ll be able to attach a plastic arm to the bottom of the device and then use a screw to tighten it to the surface of the platform you with to attach it to. The system is quite easy to use and all supplies are delivered with the device itself.

Last but not least, that leaves the pedals, which are of course an important aspect as well. The base of the pedals is weighted a bit, which prevents it from sliding around too much. Sadly, with the resistance on the pedals themselves, this is not always the case. Especially when braking, it’s possible the pedals slide a bit. (It also depends a lot on the type of tiles the pedals are placed on.)



  • Force Feedback
  • Ferrari style pedal set
  • Detachable wheel (Thrustmaster Quick Release system)
  • “Ecosystem ready” (Interchangeable parts: wheel, pedals, gearbox)
  • Ultra precise
  • Controller pairing LED for Kinect
  • Adjustable angle of rotation (270° – 900°)
  • Internal memory and upgradable firmware
  • Also compatible with PC


Connecting the TX Racing Wheel is quite simple. You will have to connect the steering wheel to the base, which points itself out. When the wheel is connected to the base, you’ll have to connect the power supply to the base and the pedals have to be connected to the base as well. This easy-to-figure-out system has another advantage, namely you’ll be able to change certain parts of the device. This means that you’ll be able to change the steering wheel, to another compatible Thrustmaster steering wheel or the pedals can be changed as well, to a set up with three pedals and last but not least, you’ll be able to connect a gearbox as well. Having interchangeable parts will make sure that your investment can stay up to date or that you can try out new things, without having to buy a complete new set up again.

Having tested Thrustmaster’s racing wheel with popular titles such as the realistic Forza 5 and the arcade-ish Forza Horizon 2, it’s easy to say that the wheel proves to be quite outstanding for both games/genres. There is no delay on the action you perform in real life and what happens on the screen. Small movements are registered perfectly and this creates an extra sense of realism.

The pedal set that comes with the steering wheel has a realistic feel thanks to the metallic finish and the pressure you have to apply to them, in order to get started. Both of the pedals (especially the brakes) need a decent amount of pressured applied to them, before they activate. This makes it easier and more realistic to control the amount of power you feed your car.


Even though “Force Feedback” is a common term in the world of racing hardware, there’s a clear difference in quality between all the available steering wheels on the market. As stated before, the TX Racing Wheel registers all movements precisely and that’s something you also tend to notice thanks to the force feedback. Even the slightest turn or adjustment has its consequence on how the Force Feedback will react. You’ll quickly notice if you go a bit off-road or that you underestimated certain twists and turns.

For those who wish to change the rotation angle of the TX Racing Wheel in games such as Forza 5. You will need to do this with the ‘Mode’ button and the D-pad (Engine button). You will have to press left or right on the D-pad to decrease or increase the angle of rotation.

For those who think a lot of set-up is required in order to start working with the device, will probably be happy to hear that the device is pretty much plug and play. You will need to connect the wheel, the pedals and the power supply to the base (motor), hook it up with your console and you’re good to go. No extra patches or downloads are required.


Thrustmaster’s TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition might not be the cheapest piece of hardware but it’s certainly one of the best, if you wish to make your racing games that much more realistic. Even the arcade-ish Forza Horizon 2 feels surprisingly realistic with the addition of the TX Racing Wheel. You’ll be able to enjoy precision, comfort and your own little piece of a Ferrari, in the comfort of your house. Racing enthusiasts, be sure to check out this nifty piece of hardware, buckle up and try not to crash in your television set.

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Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition - Hardware Review, 9.7 out of 10 based on 10 ratings


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