Tips for Classic Solitaire to Help You Win Every Game

Tips for Classic Solitaire to Help You Win Every Game

Solitaire card games have been around for a while. From their probable creation in the 1700s to various digital iterations like the iconic Microsoft Solitaire, they have come a long way. The rules of these games are mostly simple but still, there are many tricks that can raise one’s odds to succeed. So, if your goal is not just to kill time but gain some achievements, you’re in the right place. Here, we have some tips you can follow to win a game of classic Solitaire every time. But first, let’s observe the basics.

How to Play Solitaire?

The main thing to remember is that there are four types of piles in the game. The tableau, the stock, the foundations, and the talon. In most cases, the tableau contains prearranged seven columns growing gradually from 1 to 7 and the stock is the leftover cards from that. Your goal is to arrange the 52 cards in the deck into the four foundations: Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs, in ascending order, from Ace to King. Now, let’s get to the clues on how to do it fast and Download from This Website .

Starter Tips

  • Flip the first cards from the stock

Most players focus on the tableau when they start the game. While this is important, flipping the first cards from the stock will give you more options not only to build foundation piles but also to create sequences at the layout.

  • Place the Aces and Twos immediately

If the available cards on the tableau and stock have any Aces and Twos, don’t hesitate to immediately move these to the foundations. This will clear the deck and since they don’t have any effect when opening new cards, it won’t negatively affect you.

Tips for the Tableau

  • Rearrange cards from the most hidden columns

The right end of the tableau has the most amount of hidden cards. When possible, rearrange these columns to the leftmost ones so you can reveal more cards faster and thereby increase your chances of winning.

  • Press that undo button

This is a trick you can use when . Most of these games have an undo button and this can be used any time at your discretion. While it’s generally used when you make a mistake, you can also use it to look under the cards in certain columns.

Crucial Tips for Playing the Kings

Playing the King card should be done carefully. Follow these tricks to do it right.

  • Only Kings can take up space

When you completely clear out a stack in the tableau, it creates a “space”, and it can only be filled by a King. So, don’t rush to remove all the cards from any column if you don’t have the King in hand, otherwise you will face a disadvantage. One more clue is to try to clear out a stack on the left side of the tableau as soon as possible and place a King there.

  • Red or Black King?

In the tableau, only cards of opposing colors can stack with each other. Take this into consideration when you’re placing a King in a space. This could make or break your game. Also, remember to keep the foundations balanced. If you’re almost done with one of the foundation piles and near the start with all others, it might cause problems when clearing lower cards.


It might be complicated at first, but these Solitaire tips will help you improve, and eventually, you’ll win every game you play. Free Solitaire will become a great form of leisure or the variant of spending time during breaks. These games are available for any device, whether you’re using a PC or a Mobile. Enjoy!

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