Titanfall (Xbox 360) – Review
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Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Publisher: Respawn Entertainment
Platform: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC

Titanfall (Xbox 360) – Review

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Two weeks ago we took a closer look at the PC version of Titanfall, which was deemed to be an excellent shooter. Seeing the game is an exclusive for the Microsoft platforms, it was only a matter of time before the 360 version followed the PC and Xbox One versions.


Seeing we did a complete review on the game, we will not elaborate further on the ‘Story’ and ‘Sound’ segments of the game in the course of this review. To check the original review, click here.

For a console that is already deemed ‘past generation’ the graphical quality of the game is superb. It is clear that the developers gave it their all to unlock the full potential of the 360, thus making a great looking game. Whilst the PC and Xbox One version prove to be superior, you will not have that much time to enjoy the scenery, with everything that is going on around you.

Like the other versions, the 360 version can only be played online which brings a small set of problems, especially for those who will buy the game later on. During the campaign you will have to play through the same missions for both factions the game has to offer. Whilst these are pretty much the same as normal missions, the small story portions make them a tad more ‘personal’. Like the classic mode, which consists out of normal matches, you will need to find enough players that are playing the same mission for you to be able to start the match. Seeing most people spend their time playing the classic mode, you’re often left waiting for ten or more minutes in finding enough team members as well as opponents. If the queue takes too long, you’re often bounced back to a previous mission, which still doesn’t guarantee a playthrough of the mission you’re actually aiming to play later on.


The classic mode is used for those who wish to get into the battle zone immediately and offers a tad more options than the campaign mode. Whilst the campaign consists out of Attrition and Hardpoint, the classic mode also offers Pilot Hunter, Last Titan Standing, Capture the Flag and the variety pack. Most of these modes speak for themselves but here’s a quick overview:

  • Attrition is a mode to earn points by killing everything that comes in to sight. Pilots and titans will earn more points than grunts and spectres however.
  • Hardpoint will require you to capture certain points on the match and defend them. The more points you control, capture or reclaim the quicker your score meter will fill itself.
  • Pilot Hunter is pretty much the same as a classic deathmatch mode. Only pilot kills will count.
  • Last Titan Standing will spawn you with only one life. Be the only survivor to win.
  • Capture the Flag is the classic version of the said mode. Capture the flag to rack up points.
  • Variety pack is pretty much the same as a random mode.


Whilst most people will not care that much about the campaign mode, it is still required to play through the entire story with both factions to unlock all the items you can use for your loadouts. These loadouts are a show that the game has a few resemblances to the fairly omnipotent Call of Duty franchise. You can create different sets of loadouts for your pilots as well as your titans. The different loadouts consist out of various settings you’d want to start the match with, or have on standby when wanting to switch to a different build. Builds consist out of different weapons, weapon upgrades, passive abilities, active abilities, chassis for your titan and so on. Whilst the overall quantity of weapons is not the expansive, you’ll have more than enough to mess around with.

As expected, controlling the game with a controller feels completely different as on the PC. Nonetheless it all still feels natural and very responsive, offering a decent amount of playstyles.

Playing as your pilot differs a lot from controlling your titan. Whilst the pilot is able to do wall running, high jumping and overall quick movement, your titan is a lot more sluggish and is only able to stay on the ground. Wall running is advised for when you’re playing with your pilot, seeing this will increase your running speed by quite a bit and it also makes you harder to hit. Nonetheless, it also makes it harder to hit your opponents when wall running.


You will not be able to enter your titan at the start of the match. You will have to wait until the build time counter has reached zero, for you to summon your titan. Killing grunts, spectres and pilots will make your counter go faster.

Sadly, even though the game is intended to be played online, it is impossible to play split screen and let a friend join you on your rampage. Whilst this was to be expected, games like Halo Reach offered you the chance to bring a friend with you online, which was a more than welcome touch for Titanfall as well.


The Xbox 360 version of Titanfall shows us that the past generation is not obsolete just yet. You’ll be able to enjoy a solid shooter with a decent amount of variety, original gameplay, with a few familiar touches.

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Titanfall (Xbox 360) - Review, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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