Tom Clancy’s The Division’s Expansion II: Survival now available on PS4

Tom Clancy’s The Division’s Expansion II: Survival now available on PS4

The second expansion of Tom Clancy’s The Division, Survival, is now available on Playstation 4. Survival is included in the season pass and also available separately for €14,99. This expansion also comes with support for Playstation Pro, exploiting the faster CPU and GPU, in order to achieve a constant, higher framerate.

New York is struck by a severe snowstorm and agents need to obtain information about powerful medicin. These are crucial to stop the pandemic and were left behind in the Dark Zone. Before the agents can reach their destination, their helicopter crashes down because of the severe weather. In order to survive and reach their destination, the agents need to adapt to extreme conditions such as extreme low temperatures, sickness, famine and thirst. Which means that finding warm clothes, crafting supplies and seeking food or medicine are crucial for finding the antidote and add to the overall difficulty of the already tough challenge. Playing alongside 23 other players who struggle to survive, causes supplies to be scarce. The struggle amongst the agents means that some will never find their way to the Dark Zone. And if the hostile agents weren’t enough, another enemy enters the fray: The Hunter. A swift, advanced and vicious enemy showing off the trophies of his prey, watches of all the agents he has killed.

In Survival, players can choose between PVE and PVP. Although the Rogue-system doesn’t really apply here, agents can still fight in PVP or among each other in every corner of New York, even outside the Dark Zone. PVP comes with extra risks meaning that they will grant higher rewards in the form of a bonus multiplier, which adds to the total score. In PVE, players work together with other players but PVP wil be disabled, even in the Dark Zone.


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