Top 3 Software Providers For The Bingo Industry

Top 3 Software Providers For The Bingo Industry

Online bingo is currently more popular than ever, with players everywhere uncovering the fun of this game.

Although there are plenty of amazing games out there, the truth is that some are simply better than others. One of the main drivers behind this lies in the nature of the company who creates the game. Known as software providers, these companies employ some of the world’s top game creators to make fun, exciting and beautiful bingo games that people love to play. In general, it can be said that a few elite software providers boast the expertise and resources necessary craft the finest games.

In this article, we will take a peek at some of the top bingo software providers, going deep into what it is about them that’s so special. From the quality of the imagery to the bonuses and everything else about them, we will look to assess it all.

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the top 3 software providers for the bingo industry.


A massive company in the pantheon of online casino titles, Playtech recently started making bingo games and has since never looked back! Today, Playtech crafts some of the world’s top online bingo games, providing for sites like Buzz Bingo among others. Players can’t get enough of the amazing, high-end style of Playtech bingo games.

Playtech boasts an in-house team that works solely on making bingo games, thus it’s no shock that their titles are so often streets ahead of anything else on offer! Furthermore, this company is known as offering bingo titles with some of the biggest jackpots of them all.

B-Live Gaming

Next on our rundown of the top bingo software creators, B-Live gaming is something of a pioneer in the business due to their pushing forward of face-to-face interaction in online bingo titles. Whilst still a technology in its infancy, players have been very positive about the idea and it seems that face-to-face is here to stick around.

The titles offered by B-Live Gaming are often super high-quality and players also love games from this software provider because of the enormous bonuses that they frequently provide.

Microgaming Bingo Sites

For a long time, Microgaming has been behind some of the world’s top casino games. Today, the legendary brand is also widely viewed as a pioneer of online bingo gaming. Comparison portals such as frequently show Microgaming titles in their best games lists, with the quality of the games made by this brand second to none.

No matter if you like classic or contemporary bingo games, Microgaming offers one of the top collections of all online bingo game providers. With fresh releases every month, this company sits at the forefront of the business.

One of the top things about Microgaming games is the prizes they offer to players. Certainly, some of the biggest ever recorded wins came as a result of playing top Microgaming games.

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