Top 5 Anime About University and Magic

Top 5 Anime About University and Magic

If you’re addicted to anime or just want to sit and watch something cool, then an anime about university and magic could be your best bet. Anime about university and magic are some of the anime that give viewers the most fun. With magic, an anime can put you in a different world with divergent storylines that are impossible in the real world. For example, your characters can cast magic spells and transform anything they want to at will. It’s just a world of limitless opportunities.

There’s plenty of anime about university and magic to choose from. If you are not really into just watching, but rather experience the story yourself, there are specialized gaming shops that also sell a lot of anime-like games. For example, we recently saw a copy of Shin Megami Tensei – Persona Collector’s Edition for PSP pop up at a local store.

Without further ado, let’s quickly consider the best magic and university anime out there! What would you like? Some romance, action, or just light-hearted anime? You will find something that catches your fancy here! Whatever you choose, you can let the world know the anime that you love best! Ready to go? Let’s roll!

  1. Unbreakable Machine-Doll

This is an anime set in the early 20th century. A student puppeteer, named Raishin Akabane, has come from Japan to England. He plans to attend the Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machine Arts located in England. And what does he plan to study? He was to delve into the emerging field of Machinart: A field that combines technology with magic and applies them to the military.

A girl named Yaya accompanies him, and in actuality, that girl is his automation: a mechanical doll that is alive and powered by different magical circuits. This doll specializes in hand-to-hand combat. Raishin arrives at a time when there is a combat tournament exclusive to the top 100 students in the academy, and their automata. Which among the students will the title of “Wiseman”, the greatest puppeteer be bestowed upon?

  1. Demon King Daimao

This engaging anime is a story that intertwines with Magic, Love, and Battles. The plot revolves around a boy named Akuto Sai, who has a dream to become one of the highest order of magicians in his country. He aims to become one of the clergies and contribute to society.  He finally becomes admitted into the Constan magical academy and takes an aptitude test. This test predicts his future occupation to be Demon King. This incidence marks the beginning of difficulties for him in school where he is resented by the female class head – a very studious girl. Besides, he is also desired by a girl that has mysterious powers and protected by a delectable female android.

  1. Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven details the story of how Arata’s uneventful life ends forever with the pronouncement of a few words. A black shadow casts its darkness around the sun, reducing Arata’s town to rubbles and spiriting away everyone in the “Breakdown Phenomenon”. One day, Arata realizes he has been living in an illusion that was created by a book of spells! Now, he has two choices – to die or to hand over the book!

  1. Little Witch Academia

Inspired by a magic Festa, an ordinary girl seeks to join a renowned witch academy exclusive for girls. Akko Kagari and her classmates venture into a labyrinth under the Luna Nova tower. One of her classmates inadvertently unleashes the sealed ancient dragon and Akko tries all she can to stop the dragon!

  1. Tokyo Ravens

A prestigious onmyoji family received birth of a son named Tsuchimikado Harutora. But their son is blind to “Spirit Energy”. For years, he enjoyed a peaceful life with his friends at a branch of an onmyo school. One day, Tsuchimikado Natsume, his childhood friend suddenly appears, causing Harutora’s destiny to spring into motion.

So here we are! Enjoy this list of top 5 anime about university and magic!

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