Top 5 Best Martial Art Forms

Back in the day, the ultimate goal of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) was to find out which martial art was the best amongst all. In the first Ultimate Fighting Championship, there were eight exceptionally skilled fighters who were adept in skills, such as kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, Kempo, sumo wrestling, as well as, Brazilian Jiu Jitzu. All of these 8 men had put it all upfront to depict their respective skills. However, in the end, it was Royce Gracie, the ultimate Brazilian Jiu Jitzu practitioner who won many hearts with his submission and takedown skills that were too much for anybody to combat in the field. This leads to the germination of two things – One, the legend Royce Gracie and two, the aura of Gracie Jiu Jitzu. Two decades hence, is Brazilian Jiu Jitzu still the number one martial art, or has it been surpassed anyway? Let’s find out.

Kung Fu or Karate

Number 5th on our list is Karate or Kung Fu. You know any time someone mentions Martial Arts, the first thing that strikes all of us is Kung Fu style or Karate. Kiara, who pay for writing papers at EssayWriter4U, says that mostly, the Karate experts have exceptionally precise strikes. However, they often lag behind in the punching power. It is probably the reason why MMA (Mixed Martial Artists) are more inclined towards the different other forms of Martial Arts.

Some champions associated with Kung Fu or Karate are:

  1. Ben Henderson – Taekwondo
  2. Georges St. Pierre – Gaidojutsu, Kyokushin
  3. Anderson Silva – Taekwondo


Ross, who took do my homework service by TAEsays that the primary aspect of the fight is to be able to successfully employ leverage to get the opponent flat on the ground and attain a good stance post that. It is exactly what the Judo Hip Tosses do. Further, the Judoka masters face zero trouble in translating to the Octagon or the cage.

Some champions associated with Judo are:

  1.   Christian M’pumbu – Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion
  2.   Ronda Rousey– Strike force Women’s Champion
  3.   Anderson Silva –UFC Middleweight Champion


Sana, who offers online assignment help service at TFTH, says that if the question is who trains in boxing, the simple one-word answer would be everyone. Unfortunately, the men who employ boxing as the key attack are not as bountiful.

Some champions associated with Boxing are:

  1. Dominick Cruz – UFC Bantamweight Champion
  2. Dos Santos – UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior
  3. Anderson Silva – UFC Middleweight Champion
  4. Georges St. Pierre – UFC Welterweight Champion
  5. Gilbert Melendez – Strikeforce Lightweight Champion


One Martial Arts form where the numbers don’t really tell the whole story is wrestling. See, on one hand, in a tight game of wrestling the player feels dominant to the point where he is capable of taking the fight to whichever level as he deems fit, while on the other level, the game is like Rock Paper Scissors. However, if truth is to be told, if you are excellent at wrestling and terrible at Jiu Jitsu, there’s a fair chance that you’ll get submitted. One epic example of this is Sonnen, Chael.

Some champions associated with Wrestling are:

  1. Jon Jones – UFC Light Heavyweight Champion
  2. Michael Chandler – Bellator Lightweight Champion
  3. Georges St. Pierre – UFC Welterweight Champion
  4. Ben Askren – Bellator Welterweight Champion
  5. Cole Konrad – Bellator Heavyweight Champion
  6. Ben Henderson – UFC lightweight Champion
  7. Dominick Cruz – UFC Bantamweight Champion

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Number one in the list of top martial arts is the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It is rightly said, once the best, always the best. In all of MMA, BJJ is the best base. Lily, who liked the best python course online at TrumpLearning, says that BJJ has a better base than wrestling. It is so because, if the two fighters are fighting and one has great Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and terrible wrestling, while the other has great wrestling but terrible Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it is obvious that the one with excellent Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will outshine the other. It is so because when the fight hits the ground, the wrestler is certainly going to tap out.

Some champions associated with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are:

  1. Dominick Cruz – UFC Bantamweight Champion
  2. Anderson Silva
  3. Ben Askren – Bellator Welterweight Champion
  4. Georges St. Pierre
  5. Dos Santos – UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior
  6. Gilbert Melendez
  7. Ben Henderson – UFC Lightweight Champion
  8. Jose Aldo – UFC Featherweight Champion
  9. Eduardo Dantas – Bellator Bantamweight Champion
  10. Luke Rockhold – Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion
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