Top 5 most popular video game genres

What are the popular game genres and what are the biggest accomplishments in different niches? We will now try to answer this complex question by giving a comparison of gaming genres you can try for free of experience for real money. The IrishCasinorius team of experts has analyzed many genres of video games and collected the most popular and interesting for you.


How would we define an Open-World or Sandbox game? These are games that give players a high degree of freedom, in which you can go through the world choosing how to achieve the goals that the game sets. Essentially, they are a contrast to releases with “corridors” and “invisible walls”, which very clearly direct participants towards a certain goal. A synonym for such titles in this popular game genre is, without any doubt, Grand Theft Auto V.

Sandbox games, although this term is widely used as a synonym for Open-World, raise it to an even higher level, giving players certain tools by which players change the way they play, and the world as such. A typical example would be Minecraft. The player is “thrown” into the playable zone, which functions according to some of its own rules, and it is up to the player to adapt himself first, and then to adapt the world to himself.

Conditionally speaking, we can say that the differences between these games stem from the degree of an arcade. Having in mind everything said, Sandbox titles bring with them certain elements of simulations, no matter how deep or elaborate.

The rule that such titles cannot graphically reach the level of classics will probably always apply. A long period of development also contributes to that since top games need to be developed much longer. Finally, it is necessary to set the story and set a consistent atmosphere so that everything is adapted to the nonlinear transition of specific games.

Real Time Strategy

In the 1990s, and during much of the first decade of this century, real-time strategies were one of the most popular game genres. The famous RTS was something that the audience really enjoyed, and the biggest publishers and developers were figuring out who would make a bigger and more popular title riding the wave of early graphic adventure games.

Also, they were very competitive games, and gamers are traditionally people who like a competitive challenge. The first, and to this day one of the biggest esports, was an RTS game: the famous StarCraft: Brood War, which’s popularity in South Korea created the kind of esports we know today.

Until the mid-2000s, the largest competitions in strategy games had at least one RTS title, whether it was Blizzard hits such as the aforementioned Brood War and WarCraft 3, or it was one of the releases from the legendary Command & Conquer series, or maybe let Age of Empires play.

On the other hand, they say that multiplayer online battle arena titles “killed” this genre. The famous first Dota, which was just one map in WarCraft 3, became so popular because it provided great entertainment while removing many aspects that made it stressful/uninteresting for people to play classic strategic titles.

Shooter (FPS and TPS)

At the heart of every shooter is the task of becoming a better equipped, stronger fighter. Defeated enemies leave a variety of prey behind, including superior weapons, amenities, accessories, equipment, and stronger armor. You will also get a new dose of XP that will help you unlock new abilities, and thus cope with more difficult challenges. FPS and TPS games are always among the favorite video game genres.

FPS (first-player shooters) have always belonged to a separate product category in the gaming industry. There was no other niche that could give so many new impressions over the years, so we can say that FPS projects were real game-changers. Some of them are playable in Nintendo Switch casino options, which is a nice element of surprise. Also, their closest relatives are third-person shooters, where the camera is located behind the main character allowing you to see the plot from the side.

Moreover, you can change the viewing angle around an event, see the whole picture (look at your character in detail), and scenes that a player in the first person could never see. Recently, mobile gaming is becoming increasingly demanding, and this video game genre never wanted to bypass mobile devices.


Along with other online games based on different areas of life or imagination, game developers came up with a good idea: to incorporate gambling into the best genre you can experience on both mobile and desktop devices. There is no need to mix them with RPGs, even though some recent titles include gamification and level-based progress.

Also, contemporary slot machines have intriguing gameplay that brings them as close as possible to the most attractive game genres list. Those featuring progressive jackpots can be seen as a new kind of massively multiplayer online types. The best legal online casino Australia reviews will tell you more about places to start playing.

Gambling-related titles are a novelty that spreads all over the community and combines themes and motifs borrowed from landline casinos with plots reserved for another area until just recently. For example, you can try different versions of Terminator, Game of Thrones, Super Mario, Resident Evil, and other branded titles playable as both slots and PC or mobile titles.

Simulation and sports

The gaming industry and the whims of its fans are so diverse that simulations of anything and everything attract an unexpected amount of attention. From driving a truck (Euro Truck Simulator) and farming (Farming Simulator) to pumping gasoline, all this intensely heats the chairs around the globe.

The modern notion of a quality simulation game quite often implies action titles in which something explodes. Really, besides the Microsoft Flight Simulator, we can’t think of anything but racing games that can’t be sold under this game genre list. Even the races lately have been flirting with Call of Duty.

Luckily, the other side of the spectrum has nothing to explode, but “only” to implode your inner gamer. There is a wide variety of sports games and fighting games such as Football Manager, Street Fighter, or Mortal Kombat where the player controls a team or a fighter always leading them to greater glory. Sometimes the most popular video games of this kind are placed in a fantasy environment, but their main premise always remains the same – to lead, develop, and be the best.


After slowly conquering the globe during the 1970s, games became part of the daily lives of many generations afterward. First playrooms and arcade playrooms were opened, in which there was always a big crowd and “more tokens” were required for playing. Today, we can’t imagine living without them and their numerous niches and rooms. The market is booming and all you need is enough space to try your favorites.

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