Top 5 Video Games for College Students

Top 5 Video Games for College Students

If you want to spend some quality time between classes or play with a roommate, video games come handy to fight the stress or compete with your friends. While healthcare specialists often speak against playing too much, it cannot be denied that it also helps to establish cognitive skills like memory, attention, and reaction. Most games for college students are not really different from those that are played by an average person, yet there are exceptions when it is not possible to spend several hours non stop. The key is to have some fun without ruining the college grades.

Top 5 Video Games That Work in College

  • The Witness. This title belongs to one of the best puzzle games that help to think hard and engage the brain. Even though it is not a Doom or The Witcher, this first-person experience takes place on a great island. There are different eleven levels where each mystery is even more complex than the previous one. The graphics are truly excellent and it takes an effort to find a solution, just like in a detective. A good thing about this game is that it does not take too long and makes it possible to spend twenty minutes during the break without getting stuck right in the middle when you are about to win!
  • Gridiron Champions. Those who like to compete with hardcore gamers will definitely mention one of the best xbox one games that will make it big in 2020. As the name already reveals, the talk is about college football. The first version will not have a license because the company behind it will listen to suggestions like creating the custom teams and sharing them with the others. It is especially good for college gamers because there will be no need to start over again by changing all the settings. Just like the NCAA Football 14 that worked for PS2 and Xbox 360, there will be special discounts for the students. An important aspect is that this version of the game will be different thanks to a promised personalization. If anything has been changed to meet the needs of a university student’s schedule, it is already a winner!
  • Star Wars: Battlefront. This particular game is great fun for everyone who likes to compete and take on different roles. Choose any character from the famous franchise, select the skills level, build up a strategy, and fire away. You can even play alone against a team of people or cooperate in secret. The only negative thing is that this video game is really addictive and it is barely possible to stop, which may seriously ruin the course grades. Just to be on the safe side, check out, so you can get all your essay and research work done by a trained expert. Even if there is little time left before the deadline and you remembered about the task when it is almost too late, this website will act just like your personal Yoda including proofreading, plagiarism check, grammar, and more.
  • Always listed among the best PC games, Jackbox Single or a Party Pack is the best offering for the college students. Just when you want to play a game that will fit the mood, Jackbox is the right thing. All it takes is going online and joining the community with your phone. Even if there is no one to join you as everyone tries to finish their assignments, there are people from all over the world waiting for their turn to play. There are quizzes, surveys, fun tests, word and logic games that will bring a positive boost to any person.
  • Resident Evil 2: Remake. This classic game needs no introduction as it includes a great mixture of running around, solving the mysteries, encountering monsters, going through the silly moments and just having fun after the challenging times.

Good Schedule Helps to Play More

Almost every college video game has an element of competition, which takes time and practice. Since most students want to do well and show off their skills, their homework suffers. Balancing between two fires forces students to make improper choices as they play and study. An old trick is using a schedule application where a definite amount of time is allocated for a certain activity. For example, once it is high time to read through the course books, a friendly notification comes up. It is a great life-saver that actually lets you play more.


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