Top 6 Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

Top 6 Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

The average adult spends about 10 hours looking at different screens throughout their day. With the current pandemic, this screen time has only increased because people have to now work from home. So, in addition to socializing and other entertainment, people have to deal with additional screen time of work. The added screen time not only leaves you with a drained feeling but can also be causing long-term eyesight issues.

The blue light from screens is the main cause of all the headaches, eyestrains, insomnia, and even eye diseases. Blue light glasses help reduce our eyes’ exposure to the harmful light emitted from our laptops, smartphones, and other electronic devices. These types of glasses have anti-blue-light filtering technology that makes sure you’re not affected by the hours of harmful exposure. Experts suggest using blue light glasses, especially if you have more than average screen time, here are the top 6 benefits of blue light glasses.

1.  Relieves Eye Strain

After spending hours looking at a screen, it is normal to feel an eye strain, also called a digital eye strain. With their blue-light filtering technology, blue light glasses will help reduce your eye strain by a lot. Besides reducing eye strain, blue light glasses will protect your eyes from the excessive harmful rays from a screen and improve your productivity. Even with the use of blue light glasses, be sure to take short breaks between screen time to refresh your eyes.

2.  Better Sleep

One of the major harmful effects of blue light from excessive screen time is the disruption of your sleeping pattern. It is a known fact that excessive screen time can cause insomnia because of blue light’s effect on our sleep/wake cycle. This phenomenon can be explained by the fact that blue light from the sun helps us be awake and active in the mornings. So, if you have a habit of checking your emails, or just using your phone before you head to bed, it is possible that your sleep is disrupted by the excessive blue light.

3.  Health Benefits

Just like sleep disruption, excessive blue light can cause harmful fluctuations in the production of hormones in your body. Melatonin fluctuations can cause insomnia, while cortisol fluctuations can cause stress. Cortisol is hence known as the stress hormone and mainly controls your sugar and blood pressure levels. Even if you don’t suffer from eyesight problems, it is a good idea to use non-prescription blue blocking glasses whenever you’re looking at a screen. By wearing blue light glasses, you are minimizing unhealthy hormonal fluctuations in your body which equals better overall health for you.

4.  Great for Night Shift Workers

According to research, night shift workers are more susceptible to health issues caused by excessive intake of blue light from screens. Although excessive blue light is unhealthy for everyone, night-shift workers have a higher chance of harmonic fluctuations. These fluctuations will not only cause insomnia or stress but can also be a cause of severe illnesses such as heart problems, cancer, obesity, or digestive problems.

Basically, proper hormone production is necessary for our body to stay healthy, if the production is disrupted by any means, it can have different harmful effects on our system. So, blue light glasses can be great for night shift workers and help reduce any chances of falling to any of these illnesses.

5.  Prevents Eye Diseases

Blue light can be the cause of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Macular degeneration entails damage to a part of your retina that causes a person to lose their central vision. In simpler terms, macular degeneration can cause short or long-sightedness. While there are different causes of macular degeneration, excessive blue light exposure is one of the major causes. The artificial blue light from the screens can penetrate into your retina and may cause permanent damage. Blue light glasses help ensure that your eyes are protected from excessive exposure.

6.  Lets You Work for Longer Time Periods

Many users claim that wearing blue light glasses can help them work longer, and be more productive. By reducing eye strains and headaches, blue light glasses can help you work consistently, without getting too tired. Usually, working for hours, looking at a screen can make your head spin and kill your mood. Blue light glasses can help improve your productivity by a lot.

Blue light glasses have numerous benefits. They’re not only good for your eyes but also help in reducing risks in your overall health as well. In the current situation, we have no choice but to spend time on screens, it is best if we take necessary precautions to minimize the harmful effects of excessive screen time. Although natural blue light from the sun is beneficial for us, excess artificial blue light can cause tons of problems, both short and long term.

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