Torchlight III unveils its final act on Steam Early Access

Torchlight III unveils its final act on Steam Early Access

Perfect World Entertainment and Echtra Games are excited to unveil Echonok, the location of the third and final act in Torchlight III, the highly anticipated successor to the beloved Torchlight series now available in Steam Early Access.

Echonok continues the epic frontier saga of Torchlight III, unlocking additional story content, environments and a slew of challenging dungeons filled to the brim with new bosses, enemies, and loot. Players exploring Echonok will continue their quest to put a stop to the Netherim incursion while plundering the ancient halls of the Dwarves.

After defeating the twisted, Netherim-infested Sadista, it’s up to brave Torchlight III adventurers to take down her cunning sister Veriss, who carries the Void Heart, and with it, the power to merge the human and Netherim worlds.

Torchlight III is now available in Steam Early Access and the new act will be available on June 30 for all Torchlight III its players to enjoy.

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