Total War: WARHAMMER – The King & The Warlord out now

Total War: WARHAMMER – The King & The Warlord out now

For those who play Total War: Warhammer we got some pleasant news. Today saw the release of The King & The Warlord that brings two new Legendary Lords to the game, each leading their own faction. Will you side with King Belagar Ironhammer: the Dwarven faction of the Angrund clan to take over the old Karak Eight Peaks. Or will you prevent that from happening by siding with evil Night Goblin Warlord Skarsnik that leads the Crooked Moon Clan. This new Lords pack brings along a whole range of new content like new Lords and Legendary Lords, a selection of Regiments and Renown units, new quests and new fighting units such as Bolt Throwers and the Squigs.

Next to the launch of this new expansion there is an in depth video of the beloved Squigs, named ‘Behind the Squig’

Also there is a fifth free DLC package for Total War: WARHAMER with leading role Wurrzag Da Great Green Prophet, the legendary Greenskin shaman and leader of the Bloody Handz Svaag Orc Tribe. This content comes with three new powerful troops for the Warriors of Chaos.

Last but not least our little friend Grombrindal the White Dwarf will make his appearance as the Legendary Lord of the dwarfs. This expansion will be exclusively for those purchasing the November edition of the White Dwarf Magazine and in Games Workshop stores.

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