Totally Reliable Delivery Service Launches on Steam with the Massive “Totally Delivered” Overhaul

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Launches on Steam with the Massive “Totally Delivered” Overhaul

Publisher tinyBuild are proud to announce that Totally Reliable Delivery Service — enjoyed by over 14M players worldwide on PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch, and mobile — launched on Steam alongside the major “Totally Delivered” update today. With improved graphics and world density, a new Arena mode, improved controls and an overhauled UI, Totally Reliable Delivery Service has received a massive revamp on all platforms!

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a ragdoll physics-driven sandbox game that up to 4 players can enjoy together. Work together (or against each other) to deliver packages to customers using a variety of vehicles and odd machines. Safe deliveries are rewarded, but mayhem is highly encouraged!

New Features:

1. Improved Graphics, New Character Facial Animations And Revamped UI – A World Rebuilt To Explore
The Totally Reliable map has a new look now! From environmental elements like fountains and snowy mountains to the buildings standing in Downtown, everything has been updated with refreshed and more dynamic visual assets. In the meantime, the bond between you and your little drivers can only get stronger as they have vivid facial expressions now! Read their mood before rushing them into another mission, they’re sure to appreciate that!

2. New Competitive Arena Mode – Hovercraft Derby
Fierce competitions are common in the delivery industry and you’re a part of that now. Start your hovercrafts on a floating platform and confront fellow drivers to push them off the edge. The platform will break piece by piece as time progresses and (needless to say) the goal is to be the last delivery man standing!

3. Major Network Improvements And Simplified Controls – The delivery business is getting smoother!
There has been a lot of adjustments made to their networking systems to improve the player’s experience since the initial release. Top priorities of tinyBuild have always been to smooth out lag and lost data errors on the network, but they also overhauled the control scheme to make your deliveries easier and faster!

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