Touhou DANMAKU KAGURA Phantasia Lost coming to PC in 2023

Touhou DANMAKU KAGURA Phantasia Lost coming to PC in 2023

Touhou DANMAKU KAGURA Phantasia Lost, the rhythm game set in the Touhou Project universe developed by Unknown X, will be coming to Steam for PC in 2023. A revival for the mobile title DANMAKU KAGURA, for which support is ending today, Phantasia Lost brings the rhythm game to PC with a new control scheme designed for controllers or keyboard and mouse. Many of the songs from the original title will return, as will the Mitama Cards, which unlock characters featuring illustrations by creators like Yuu Kamiya and Negi Haruba.

In the game, players will have to complete songs by tapping notes to the beat, with the mechanics adapted to PC control schemes. By mastering complicated note charts and earning points for lengthy combos, players will be able to surpass themselves. Additionally, there are special bosses featuring unique challenges available, in order for players to unlock new characters and uncover the mystery behind Gensokyo’s destruction.

On top of the aforementioned changes for the PC version, a brand new story mode will also be added to the release. Following Reimu, players will have to gather her friends by collecting Mitama Cards in order to restore the mysteriously ravaged Gensokyo back to its former glory.

“Thanks to the support of everyone who played the game and made their voices heard we were able to make the PC version of Touhou DANMAKU KAGURA Phantasia Lost a reality,” said JYUNYA, founder, Unknown X. “We will bring as many of the songs and Mitama Cards as we can to the Steam version, along with unreleased ones and brand-new content. Please wishlist the game on Steam, and keep an eye out for further ways you can support the project.”


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