Trailer to the not so corny tale of Maize

Trailer to the not so corny tale of Maize

If you are wondering what puzzles a farm could house, then be ready yourself for Maize. In this first person adventure you’ll look for clues and solve puzzles in a farm and the desolate research facility it holds.

You won’t go at it alone though, because along the way you’ll come across some colourful friends. Maize is set for a release in the autumn of this year on PC.

More informaton on the game can be found here.

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First game ever was Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped, ever since then, gaming has been something that I've gravitated to. Reading's fun but not as interactive. Always up for a bout of online multiplayer. If that multiplayer is co-op. So if you are up for a friendly co-op session, hit me up. Rahenik's the name to search on PSN.

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