TUBBZ – Cosplaying Ducks – Review

With all the different collectibles on the market, it’s sometimes hard to differentiate between the qualitative goods and those that come from less reliable shops and sources. We all know the Funko Pop! figurines that slowly assimilate every existing franchise on the planet to make an ‘original’ production line of collectible characters. Nonetheless, we never jumped on the bandwagon (even if we still own a few…) and we always loved checking out original items. This year at Gamescom we came across the lovely cosplaying duck figurines of TUBBZ. While many of the different ducks were still in production back then, we were able to get our hands on a few to see how qualitative these adorable ducks truly are.

Numskull, the company behind TUBBZ surprised us with a package of two Street Fighter ducks, namely Ryu and Chun-Lee. We loved this set, as our site name refers to a Street Fighter game. Upon opening the box, we were greeted by two enclosed tiny yellow bathtubs, each with one duck inside. The top part of the box is made by transparent plastic, meaning you can easily display the ducks without having to unpack them. The overall package is nice and original, but it’s harder to neatly stack them, like you would for example with the Funko Pop! figures.

When taking a closer look at the ducks, you’ll see that the paintjob is done decently and that the figures themselves are quite sturdy. Of course, seeing as the figures are always duck-shaped, the characters can only be ‘deformed’ in a rather limited way. The Street Fighter characters that we got were made out of fairly simple details to make sure the original characters were recognizable. That being said, the company currently has a lot of different series available that have more complex additions to the duck’s visage and body. The Destiny, Fallout and Borderlands ducks are a lot more unique when looking at their features, and by having these different (recent) series available, the company will cater to many gaming fans.


While this may be a very short explanation about what the TUBBZ ducks are, we recommend you to take a look at the official site to have an impression on what series are currently available. We personally love this original approach at creating new collectibles, we simply hope they don’t become the next Pop! figures that quickly lose their originality. As it stands now, the figures are fun collectibles that come at a fair price.

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