TUBBZ Resident Evil Wave 2 – Review

We have had a few experiences with the TUBBZ range of products before. A few years ago we ran into Numskull Designs on GamesCom, where they displayed a few prototypes as well as a set of finished products. We were immediately sold on the idea and we have been lucky enough to see how the company has evolved, both in its range of products, as well as the quality of the TUBBZ range. We started off with a few Street Fighter ducks, to have a second glance at the quality of the Bloodbath range. Now, however, we dive into one of CAPCOM’s biggest franchises with the second wave of the Resident Evil TUBBZ cosplaying ducks. For our review, we were given the duckified versions of Ada Wong, Hunk, The (iconic) Merchant and Nemesis.

As always we are greeted by colored ducks in their respective plastic bathtubs. The packaging has remained the same for the most part, with the Resident Evil series having black bathtubs, and a clear upper case. The sticker that overlaps the top part of the packaging shows on one side the available ducks in this specific range and on the other we see the name of the duck in question, as well as its number in its respective series. For the Resident Evil range, this is done with black and red as its main colors.

For this wave, it seems that going big was the main theme. We see Hunk and The Merchant, who both have a lot of junk in their trunks, while Nemesis dons a massive rocket launcher. Ada Wong, however, is a bit more old school, following the traditional format of the first wave characters, with a modest, but detailed, gun. We notice a lot of different textures, ranging from the cloth-like design of The Merchant’s cloak to the stitches on Nemesis’s face. There’s a lot of attention to detail with these ones, and the coloring has also been done properly. Often enough, with collectibles like this, you see colors overlapping, and that’s not really the case here.

The face designs are also quite cool for this set. Nemesis has his patched-up face, while Hunk and The Merchant have their face covered. Hunk opts for a gas mask, but this is still clearly in sync with him being duckified, while The Merchant has a face scarf and his cloak. Ada Wong, of course, wears her iconic hairdo proudly, and you can immediately recognize her because of this, especially in combination with her red outfit.


As we have mentioned in our Bloodbath review, we see a hefty increase in the quality of the ducks, as well as the addition of smaller and finer details. The first waves often only had a few different colored sets and bigger modifications, and now the company is clearly investing to present TUBBZ collectors with higher-quality items. In the Resident Evil wave 2 set we were given, we saw a lot more different textures used, finer details, better prints, more precise coloring, etc. We are quite curious to see what else the TUBBZ range can come up with, and we hope to see a few more game franchises getting the same Numskull treatment.

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TUBBZ Resident Evil Wave 2 - Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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