TyranoBuilder, the fastest and easiest way to create multi-platform visual novels

TyranoBuilder, the fastest and easiest way to create multi-platform visual novels

TyranoBuilder is a visual novel game engine, developed by the Japanese developers Strikeworks, in conjunction with Nyu Media. This new engine is meant to be the easiest and fastest way to create visual novels that can easily be exported to Windows, Mac, various browsers and even iOS and Android systems which are later sold via distributors such as Steam, Apple AppStore and even GooglePlay.


Let’s sum up the interesting features this engine has:

  • Easy and fast: you won’t need any programming knowledge with the intuitive, visual drag and drop interface.
  • Multi-platform: not only can you create games on Windows or MacOS, you can also export these expertly to Windows, iOS, Android, smartphones, tablets and even browsers (HTML5 and CSS3).
  • Plenty of features: you can easily add scenes, characters, dialogues, story branches and much more in the game.
  • Flexible: with the included TyranoScript scripting language, you can easily customize every aspect of your game.

TyranoBuilder will be available on Steam for Windows and MacOS on March 27th, for a one-time price of $14.99 or your local equivalent. Check out the announcement trailer below if you want to see more of TyranoBuilder, the newest Visual Novel Studio.

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