Understanding Slot and Pokie Game RTP’s

Understanding Slot and Pokie Game RTP’s

There is a massive array of slot and pokie machines that are accessible online, to mobile device users and to any players that pay a visit to land-based casinos.

However, there is something of an artform in knowing just which ones you should make a beeline to play, and that artform is getting a good understanding of the way that each slot machine’s pay-out percentage, or RTP, as they are also referred to, can have a direct effect on how each machine will play and pay.

Now, the pay-out percentages each machine has been built around can and will vary from machine to machine, and whilst some companies, casino sites and venues are more than happy to let their customers know the long term expected RTP’s of every single slot or pokie machine they have on offer, some operators keep it as a closely guarded secret.

Therefore, as a player that does enjoy playing pokies you should concentrate your slot playing activates only at those sites that make known their pay-out percentages, and then make an active point of playing those games with higher than average RTP’s.

The average pay-out percentage across the board is around 96%, and by playing slots and pokies with a higher RTP you are going to get more winning pay-outs awarded to you over your long term play, and that in turn will see you having some much longer slot playing sessions too, compared to when you set about playing slots with a lower RTP than 96%.

Lookout for Multi-Denomination Pokies

Some pokie and slot machines offer massive jackpots to players and those slots are usually the progressive machines on which the jackpots will keep on rising and growing in value until a player wins them.

However, some games will offer player the option of choosing a different coin value and those games are known as multi-denomination ones.

I do need to bring to your attention that many land-based casinos are going to have set their multi-denomination slots to offer a higher RTP when players opt to play those slot machines on the higher coin value setting.

With that in mind it can often be beneficial for players that can afford to do so, to set the slot machines they choose to play with the highest coin value setting they can afford, for that way they will always know that over their long term play they are going to be getting more paybacks.

If you do come across any casino, slot site or app that doesn’t give you the all-important RTP information on the slot machines they have available, then I would urge caution, for they may just have set those pay-out percentages very low.

But in most cases what you are going to find when playing slot machines online that have been designed by any of the largest and better known slot game designers, is that the pay-out percentages their slot games have been built and designed around cannot be adjusted or altered by the operators of those games.

How to Work Out Single Session Pokie Game RTP’s

Many pokie players tend to keep detailed logs of all their gambling activities, and that may be something you are eager to do as well.

For those of you that are not that good at mathematics it is actually surprisingly easy to work out just what pay-out percentages you have achieved when playing any pokie game over any period of time, and below I will quickly run through how you can do just that.

The only information you will need when working out the RTP’s of any slot playing session you have had, are the total stakes you wagered and just how much you won during that session.

Once you know that information you simply divide the pay-outs by the stakes. So, if you staked let’s say $980.40 during any single slot playing session and in total the winning pay-outs achieved during that session were £824.60, then dividing the latter by the former you get 0.84 (to two decimal places).

By removing the zero and the decimal point you are left with 84, and as such the pay-out percentage you achieved on that session was 84%.

However, some slot and pokie playing sessions will turn out to be ones that you end up in profit, and an example of this is when you have staked let’s say $784.60 and been paid out during that session $890.40.

If you divide the winning $890.40 by your total stakes that being $784.60 you get 1.13 (again to two decimal places. If the number before the decimal point is ever higher than zero just remove the decimal point and that, in our example gives you 113, and as such that was your RTP for that single session (113%)!

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