Upcoming Computer Trends Every Gamer Should Know About

Staying up-to-date with the latest technology released in the computer industry can be quite thrilling for a gamer, especially when you hear about the release of revolutionary technology that will dominate the gaming scene until a better one comes around. Keeping an eye out for these new trends can help gamers prepare for the release of new PC parts or purchase parts that will be able to run the latest games at the highest quality.

Cross-Platform Games are Becoming Much More Common

The gaming industry has seen the success of many cross-platform games released in the past couple of years, which made the game designing companies shift towards creating more games that are accessible to all platforms. This huge change means that more AAA games are going to be accessible via PC, making the minimum requirements for your graphics card and your solid-state drive (SSD) a lot higher than they used to be.

SSDs are Evolving

Finding enough room on your SSD for another game isn’t as difficult as it used to be, as the capacity of modern SSDs are much larger than they used to be. The current SSD that can hold the largest capacity can manage up to 8 terabytes, but the most commonly sold SSD holds up to 1 terabyte. The most common method of using a hybrid between an SSD and a hard disk drive (HDD) is no longer the most efficient way to store your games, as motherboards can hold up to 3 SSDs and each one has plenty of space for all your gaming needs. Say goodbye to the long loading screens that used to haunt you every time you download a game on your HDD as SSDs are capable of holding all your games now.

Good Monitors Give You an Edge in Some Games

Building a PC using very strong and expensive parts can be a great way to ensure that you don’t lose out on any performance while you’re gaming, however, monitors significantly impact your gaming experience as well. Gamers can often gain a competitive advantage over other players in first-person shooter (FPS) games due to having a monitor that can manage up to 144Hz with a very quick refresh rate. Since computer parts are constantly evolving, the monitors that you have might start acting as a bottleneck in your PC’s performance. Ensuring that your PC’s capability isn’t hindered by your monitors can be easily checked through some online research.

Compatibility is Very Important

Getting the new generation of graphics cards can be very exciting until you realize that your other PC parts aren’t compatible with it. PC building gurus over at https://pcbuilderz.com/ state in several of their guides that you should always check if the parts that you’re going to purchase are compatible with the ones you currently have before upgrading. This can be easily done by inserting the names of the parts that you have in one of the many different websites that test the compatibility of PC parts online. These websites also give you the total amount of energy used by your setup, making it much easier to pick out a cooling system during your selection process.

4K Gaming is on the Rise

When Nvidia released their latest graphics card generation, the GeForce RTX 3070/3080/3090, it was dubbed as the “biggest generational leap” throughout Nvidia’s history. This is because the performance of the new graphics card tops the next best graphics card by over 50%. Due to this release, 4K gaming has become a much more viable option which means that game designing companies will soon start releasing games that can run on 4K as well. The better the graphics cards become, the more you’ll have to upgrade the rest of your PC to keep up with them.

PC Accessories Have Become Increasingly Important

The accessories that you attach to your PC can help you out a lot more than you think, as some gamers credit a lot of their performance to the gear that they use. Things like your keyboard, mouse, display ports and even your speakers can greatly impact your gaming experience. Not putting aside some money in your budget to get some top-end accessories can seem very odd, as it’s very uncommon to find a gamer that doesn’t value their PC accessories these days.

Most gamers figure out all of the new computer trends via word-of-mouth from other gamers during games or friendly chats. Since the gaming community is very competitive, they usually jump on any new computer trend that can boost performance and give them an upper edge during their games. Keeping an eye out for these trends can also help you prepare a budget for them beforehand so that you’re prepared for any new releases on the very first day.

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