UpperRoom Games and War Child UK team up for a charity event

UpperRoom Games and War Child UK team up for a charity event

Today, UK based developer UpperRoom Games announced a partnership with the charity War Child, which works towards helping the lives of children affected by war, to host a charity stream beginning on the 7th of May 2020, coinciding with the release of their game Wavey The Rocket on Steam.

The event’s main objective is getting as many streamers and influencers as possible to play Wavey The Rocket on any of the existing streaming platforms. In exchange, UpperRoom Games have promised a donation of £2 per hour played, up to 2500 hours, amounting to a grand total of £5000.

The game in question, Wavey The Rocket, is a precision platformer that has you play as the titular character, Wavey, who is attempting to prevent his best friend, The Moon, from being destroyed by the appropriately named evil corporation, Evil2 . The game has over 80+ retro themed levels, bonus modes and a slew of collectables, bringing to the table something for all ages.

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