Using Bitcoin at Online Casinos

Using Bitcoin at Online Casinos

The number of specialized Bitcoin gambling clubs worldwide at the moment does not surpass 15%. However, taking into account the pace of development of the cryptocurrency industry, in the next few years it will grow significantly. Being firmly protected from the interference outside by a full-fledged self-regulating system not exposed to emission is great solution. Due to this, Bitcoin perfectly satisfies the needs of both online casino users and casino owners. Generally, working with a cryptocurrency eliminates many of the inconveniences associated with the use of fiat money, reduces time costs several times. This is a really perfect option for . At this time, there is only one potential risk associated with cryptocurrency operations: the non-recognition and total prohibition of cryptocurrency by global central banks. However, there are no prerequisites to worry about it now.

The popularity of bitcoin payments

Although many digital coins are used today, bitcoin is the most popular one. However, this is not a common payment method. Currently, there are many virtual casinos accept this type of payment. One of the great features of this deposit feature is that it can be used absolutely from any place of the world. Since this is a decentralized system, it does not work from a specific country, the network really covers the entire globe, and anyone who wants to use it just needs to create a wallet. Even if the user is in a country where only a few bank payment options available, this should be the one that will work no matter where the player lives.

Bitcoins at online casinos

After the user has registered, he can go to the page and deposit his bitcoins. Also on this page, user can withdraw his bitcoin wins. This is called Cashier page at some gambling portals, while others give the links to the Withdraw, Deposit and Get Bitcoins functions. It is impossible that players could not quickly understand how the use of bitcoins works at online casinos.

It should be recalled that online bitcoin casinos have different their different terms. It is very important to read these terms so that there are no questions if the player suddenly loses the bonuses that were earned, because the time of their use has expired.

Top Games at Bitcoin Casino

The best casinos for bitcoins have the same set of popular games offered in traditional online casinos. These games include bitcoin classic and video slots, blackjack, dice, jackpot emulators, roulette, bitcoin poker, live and video poker, table games, etc. The most popular games played in standard online casinos are basically the same games as in Bitcoin casinos.

How to make a payment using Bitcoin

In order to make online deposits at a casino user first has to create a digital wallet. There are many online wallets that can help player in this process, giving him the ability to easily see how much currency he has. Some of the most common sites are Coinbase, Blockchain and Circle. These sites can not only create a wallet, but also help to purchase or selling digital coins using chosen currency.

Once gambler have purchased the required amount of digital currency, it’s time to visit virtual casino that accepts Bitcoins. Many sites are adding this option now. Then user has to go to the cashier section of the casino and he will see Bitcoin in the list of suggested deposit methods. He has to choose it, and then as a rule he should get the address of the wallet of online casino. Then he can return to his digital wallet, insert the received address and authorize the transfer of funds to the site. Processing the deposit can take up to several minutes, after which player will see the amount of deposit added to his account, ready to use it for playing for real money.

The benefits of Bitcoin use at virtual casinos

Playing with virtual money may seem like an unusual concept, but in fact, there are many advantages. The most of the things that made Bitcoin popular in the first place are especially useful for gamblers, which makes it natural for the gaming industry.

Advantages of Bitcoin usage:

  1. Complete anonymity (for transactions and user information). Only the numbers of wallets can be tracked. User do not need to verify his identity while using Bitcoin.
  2. Minimum commission fee or even its absence.
  3. Almost instant processing requests for deposit and withdrawal.
  4. Many cryptocurrency casinos offer users much more profitable bonuses.
  5. Provably Fair principle allows being sure, that gambling platform plays fair. Every bet, every game can be checked.
  6. Playing in a casino is a profitable way to use a small amount of bitcoins.
  7. Ability checking the whole transaction history.
  8. The wallet is reliably protected from blocking by the state. Government regulatory authority has no right to freeze or block a wallet, since it is not used to store fiat money.
  9. Gambler can play anywhere. Even in countries where gambling is prohibited by law.
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