Verbatim Bluetooth Mobile Speaker – Hardware Review
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Developer: Verbatim
Publisher: Verbatim
Platform: Bluetooth

Verbatim Bluetooth Mobile Speaker – Hardware Review

Good: Compact, Light, Design, On/Off switch
Bad: Not really groundbreaking
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After taking a look at ASWY’s levitating speaker, we place our feet back firmly on the ground to try out Verbatim’s Bluetooth Mobile Speaker. With already that many of these little speakers on the market, we were wondering what Verbatim could bring to the table to come forth with an original product. While there’s not that much you can do with a simple speaker such as this, they surely did an effort.

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The small cylinder shaped speaker looks rather simple, but has some nice touches that make the overall design actually quite nice. Except for the base, the exterior is rather reminiscent to the straight lines you can find on the trunk of some trees (while this is an odd comparison, it means it actually looks very good).This means that most of the outside of the product is rather rough and less glossy, which has a certain charm, especially seeing it prevents smudges.

Overall the base is also quite simple, with only three buttons, one switch and two ports, all while a thin red line runs through it all. The topside of the device has a simple gridded design, with the Verbatim logo and brand name prominently in the center. Everything is basic, yet quite stylish.


Verbatim’s Bluetooth Mobile Speaker has all the basic features you’ll need, namely volume controls, a pause/play button and a power switch. The latter proves to be one of the biggest comfort features we’ve seen on speakers such as this. Other speakers often have a button where you’ll have to press it for an unspecified amount of seconds before it boots up and if you press it too long you’ll enter a pairing mode or some other annoyingly frustrating option. Luckily, lately most speakers can be connected without having to enter a pairing mode.

The somewhat matte features of the exterior make sure you have more grip when picking up the speaker and as mentioned earlier, it leaves less fingerprints and other smudges on the design.

If you’re on the road a lot, you’ll be happy to hear that the device only weighs around 260 grams, which makes it quite light to bring along with you on your travels. Together with the small dimensions of the device, it also makes it quite easy to fit in the smaller pockets of your bag.

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  • Up to 10 meters working distance
  • 40 mm drivers
  • 68 x 55.7 mm
  • 260 grams
  • Approx 8 hours playtime


The device itself is merely a matter of turning it on and pairing it with the Bluetooth device that is holding all your favorite tunes. Seeing the speaker will not have to go into a pairing mode, you’ll be able to connect to it freely, if you search for Bluetooth devices, which makes it a lot easier if you have several devices at home that can connect to it, or if you bring it along with you, allowing someone else to pair with it.  may not be big enough to cater music to a lot of people, but for very small and personal events, this surely will perform very well. They make excellent speakers for the great outdoors where you just need music, and not a very loud one.

Of course this device is able to do more than simply stream your collection of music, as it also has a built-in microphone, which allows you to place your calls. The play button will then allow you to answer your calls, and overall the microphone picks up the sound of your voice quite decently.

As battery life is a rather important feature for speakers such as this one, the battery life of about eight hours is quite reasonable. While the duration may differ depending on the item that it is paired with and the volume settings, you’ll be sure to count on about six hours worth of your favorite music. The charging time itself is close to two and half hours, which is neither short nor long.

Verbatim Bluetooth Mobile Speaker 2

The overall sound quality is quite crisp, while it is advised never to set the device to its maximum volume capabilities, as the music tends to get a bit distorted when you do. The Mobile Speaker does pack a proper punch thanks to the light bass that accompanies your music, granting you a rather pleasant experience.

You’ll notice that the device also has a standard audio jack, which allows you to connect non-Bluetooth devices and it will allow you to play your music as well. Perhaps a feature that is not really important, but it’s still fun it’s an option.

The ten meters working distance is rather accurate, at least if you don’t have any walls between you and the device. You’ll notice small disruptions in the music when creating space between you and the speaker too quickly, but other than that, everything works without a hitch.


Verbatim’s Bluetooth Mobile Speaker might not renovate the entire Bluetooth speaker market, it does a formidable job in presenting a decent product that looks good and has great sound quality. While it may only be a very small feature, the power switch, rather than an unclear touch button is a very appreciated touch. Overall a sturdy product that’s easy to bring along with you on your travels.

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Verbatim Bluetooth Mobile Speaker - Hardware Review, 7.8 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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