VR-Friday 2018

VR-Friday 2018

The PS VR was the first virtual reality headset that gave customers the chance to try the virtual world, for a more reasonable price. Since the release of the headset, there have also been quite a few games released and a few rereleased with a VR-rework. More games are still being released, so Sony did a PS VR event called VR-Friday, and we got the chance to go test out some games. After testing out some games we also got treated to lunch, since we can’t share that anymore, we will tell you about the new VR games and our thoughts about them.

Tetris Effect

TETRIS EFFECT is a game where you can play Tetris in VR. The blocks and Tetris area itself is mostly 2D but while you play, there will be beautiful decorations surrounding you. These decorations move and go along with the beat of the music and also along with how good you are playing. Each level has its own theme and the decorations are chosen to fit in. When you play, it feels like you are playing the familiar Tetris game in a whole other world. This is also one of the games that would have the least chance to give you motion sickness, as you are just focusing on a static portion where the blocks fall. It is a serious recommendation for everyone who wants a beautiful chill game, where you can play Tetris in a seemingly other world.


Blood & Truth

In Blood and Truth, you play as a nearly, retired elite soldier Ryan Marks who was made a part of a special unit. Ryan is trying to save his family from a merciless crime boss. The game is played with the PS Move and makes it so your hands in the game are the move controllers like more games in VR do. You are able to pick locks with the two controllers and actually move them as if you were holding the lock picks yourself. Moving isn’t by teleporting but more by actually moving to certain spots after which you won’t be able to turn back. The game is pretty fun, certainly if you like spy games mixed with shooters.


Astro Bot Rescue Mission

ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission might remind you a bit of the PLAYROOM VR but it is actually a different game. If you like the mini level where you rescue BOTS in PLAYROOM VR than you might like ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission as well since it is a more advanced version. You will be playing as ASTRO, the Captain BOT. His crew has been dispersed all over space and only you can help find them all. You control Astro as if he was a remote control robot, running right in front of you. Throughout the levels, you will have to look around to find hidden passageways to crewmembers. There is also a lot of interaction with you yourself as well since you can actually head-butt things out of the way. Playing ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission for a long time can give you some motion sickness but with enough breaks in-between, it is a really fun game to play.


Firewall Zero Hour

A shooter game where you can play in a squad together, that is exactly what Firewall Zero Hour is.  If you have multiple friends who also own a VR Headset, then you will be able to play together. The game is played with the Dual Shock, but the VR Aim is also an option. You will have to actually hold up your controller to aim to shoot or to aim to throw your grenades. If you like shooters and want to actually be in the world of the shooter, then Firewall Zero Hour is definitely the game for you.


Beat Saber

A Rhythm game mixed with lightsabers is exactly what Beat Saber is. The PS Move controllers will be transformed in a red and a blue lightsaber. With these lightsabers, you try to hit blocks in the right direction on the Rhythm of a song. While this already sounds tricky, there will also be long obstacles flying along with the blocks. These obstacles, you will have to actually avoid by bending down or moving to the side, depending if they are horizontal or vertical blocks. This game is incredibly fun to play and will certainly give you a workout. It is also really entertaining to watch someone play it and if it is even better when you’re competing against one another. Beat Saber was definitely the most popular game on the event, both for people watching and people wanting to play.



In this game, you play as a spirit, or Faerie, in a boarding school. You will have to bond with the students while trying to prove your existence. Travel through time as you try to change a student’s fate. Déraciné uses the PS Move controllers and turns them into your “spirit” hands in the game. You will have two rings with each their own use. Moving in the game is done by sort of teleporting from spot to spot. You are able to actually pick up items, look at them and even use them when you can. You’re able to for example pick up a key, put it in your inventory, move to a locked door then take the key out of your inventory and unlock the door with it. Déraciné is a bit confusing at first since there is a lot of explanation at once with a lot of different buttons for doing different things. However, after you play for a bit, you get used to it and the game becomes more pleasant to play.


The Persistence

You are the sole survivor of a space exploration mission and you are the only one that can save the ship from an impending doom. However, you are not alone on this ship as failed copies of your crewmates are still roaming around. Some of them even worse looking than others. You are a clone or at least, your body can be remade when the current one dies. To make your new bodies stronger, you will have to collect DNA samples from your mutated crewmates. Every time you die, the chambers get rearranged a bit which seems to be because of interference with the ship. The Persistence is played with the Dual Shock and of course the VR Headset. You are actually able to move around as you would in a regular game, for comfort, there have been multiple options provided in how you want the movement to be. So you can choose which option fits you best. To interact with something, you have to almost literally stare at it. Since picking up is done by aiming the “cursor” created in the game from your VR Headset on the object you want to interact with. For the most part, this works really well but sometimes you’ll have to walk around the object a bit to get a better look at what you want to interact with. If you happen to get scared of the creepy zombie-esque crewmates, it certainly is harder to concentrate on the object. Which actually just adds to the fun.



It was a really fun event and also the perfect time to find out which games we wanted to buy for our PS VR in the future. While testing we did have to take some much-needed breaks since VR can get hard on your eyes after a while, but we were provided with extra chairs and drinks which was quite nice. After our breaks, we were refreshed and could jump right back into testing some games. We were for sure thankful for the opportunity and have for sure added some of the games to our wish list!

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