War Robots Remastered to be released this Fall

War Robots Remastered to be released this Fall

Pixonic, the developers and publishers of War Robots, has announced a completely remastered version of War Robots for iOS and Android, due to be released in fall 2020. The triumph third-person online shooter is Pixonic’s top-seller title and recently celebrated its sixth anniversary with over 150 million installations on mobiles worldwide. The game is receiving an extensive overhaul which will dramatically improve the visuals of the game.

War Robots became a trendsetter in the tactical shooter genre when it was first launched. In 2020 the game will be modernized with a complete overhaul improving the look and taking full advantage of mobile technologies abilities today. Players will notice significant improvements to the robots, terrain, and weapon effects including:

  •  Fully remastered animations, textures, and geometry for all 58 robots and weapons
  • 100+ modified VFX
  • 4 revamped maps: Canyon, Valley, Moon, and Powerplant
  • Improved lighting on 8 maps
  • Updated UI elements

War Robots Remastered will launch this Fall having four graphic settings available: Performance, Balanced, Quality, and Ultra. It has been stated that the game’s performance on iOS devices will be optimized with the assistance of Apple’s metal technology. Pixonic has announced that there will a number of public tests ahead of the Remastered update which will be announced on War Robot’s Official communities. Also, not to worry about losing any progress made currently, it will be carried over into the Remastered version.

To fully grasp the scale of the improvements that will be introduced in the Remastered version, take a look at the video below.

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War Robots Remastered to be released this Fall, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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