War Thunder – The Festive Quest is here!

War Thunder – The Festive Quest is here!

Festiveness has come to War Thunder! This year’s festive quest has arrived and it brings some nice exclusive goodies with it.

You will be able to play the Festive Quest in War Thunder from the 21st of December till the 14th of January. You’re able to get four different exclusives from the quest; two aircraft vehicles: MB.152C1 (France) and FW 190 C (Germany) as well as two ground vehicles: SU-85A (USSR) and T30 Heavy Tank (USA). There are a few other bonus things that you can unlock along the way such as decals and other decorative items.

Players will be able to complete various challenges both on tanks and aircraft in the Festive Quest. By completing the in-game tasks you will unlock the rewards and bonuses. If players aren’t interested in the rewards, they will be able to sell them after the event for premium currency to other players.

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