Wartales receives a co-op update

Wartales receives a co-op update

Good news for those who like to play with friends, developer and publisher Shiro Unlimited has just announced that their medieval open-world tactical RPG Wartales will get a co-op mode. In Wartales players will work together to thrive and amass a deadly band of hired blades. As they are leading a mercenary group in a vast open world, teamwork is proven to be of the essence as their adventures will lead to destruction, facing death and defeating enemies who oppose peace.

Players will manage the troops and resources, sharing these with other teams and joining arms to fight side by side. For a more tactical approach, you can always split up the party and go each their separate ways before heading to camp and resting for the night. It all starts with survival with the fight for food and funds to fuel your ever-expanding crew. Scavenge and craft your way to better items to be prepared for the many adventures that shall follow. Once your army is large enough then it is time to thrive in a harsh and unforgiving world with your crew consisting of members of various class types, with each their own unique skills

Wartales is available now on PC through Steam.

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