What Did the Oregon Trail Game Teach Us?

What Did the Oregon Trail Game Teach Us?

The Oregon Trail was first introduced to the gaming world in 1971. It was created by three people after getting inspiration from the real-life Oregon Trail that spanned over 2,100 miles. 

The oldest version of this didn’t have any graphics or pictures. Over the years, this game has been improved and refined, and it continues to be many-a-gamer’s favorite. 

What made this game interesting was its simplicity. Anyone could understand its concept and start a game. 

But have you ever thought how much this computer game is similar to the real-life Oregon Trail? Well, the computer game is similar in a lot of ways. And also, it teaches us a lot of things. 

What Did the Oregon Trail Game Teach Us?

The Oregon Trail game online is one such game that doesn’t fail to educate and entertain. But even after playing this game, some users haven’t understood the true life lessons. 

That’s why we have jotted down a few important lessons from the Oregon Trail that we want you to learn. 

#1 Leave Early 

Leave early because you can always waste time, but you can’t get it back. Also, departing early can help you win the game. 

As far as the real-life Oregon Trail is considered, traders always left early in May or June. That’s because leaving in July might come with a fear of early snow. 

If you connect this thing with real life, you will realize that leaving early comes with tons of benefits. Whether you want to watch movies with your friends or go to the office, you must leave early in order to avoid unnecessary delays. 

#2 You Must Expect the Unexpected

As you know, life is full of surprises, and so is the Oregan Trail game online. When you are on the trail, you cannot predict anything. Thus, you don’t know what will happen next. Maybe a thief could steal your oxen, a snake might bite you, or you may get struck with some other calamity. 

The Oregon Trail can teach you to expect the unexpected because nothing goes as perfectly as you have planned. And when you are ready to face anything, you deliver your best. 

#3 More Horsepower is Always Good

While playing the Oregon Trail, you might have noticed that if you have 9 yokes (18 oxen and a dozen of roses), you can effortlessly get to the finish line. 

It means that the more you put into something, the better and faster you can complete it. With better and bigger resources, you can achieve your goals. 

#4 Pack Extra Clothes

Packing extra clothes might not sound important, but actually, it is. For instance, you might get dysentery sickness or cholera sickness in the game. And even worse, a thief might steal your clothes. Thus, you don’t know when you will need extra clothes. 

You should be prepared for the unforeseen as far as real life is concerned. Either your suitcase might disappear, or something else could happen. At that time, you will be glad if you pack smartly by packing more. 

#5 It’s Okay to Fail

Well, the first time you play this game, you might have loaded your wagon with tons of bullets and food. A few minutes into the game, you realize a wagon full of these many supplies only slows you down. 

And before you reach the destination, the wagon’s axles break, you die in the water, road, field, or local fort. It’s at that time when you realize that even after failing, you can start again. 

So, this game teaches us that it’s okay to fail. The more you will try, the more you will learn, and you will fail less. Failure doesn’t matter as long as you are willing to start again. 

#6 Hunt the Biggest Game

In the Oregan Trail game, you are required to hunt animals for different purposes. But you must never shoot rabbits. Because they are small, they run fast, and their meat is tiny. They are so small that around eighteen rabbits are equal to one deer. 

Deers are comparatively slower and bigger. If you shoot two deers, it will keep you full for one full hunting trip. Similarly, two deers equal one buffalo or bear, which is even bigger. Buffalos and bears can be shot down in one bullet. 

It means that one must not small fry – unworthy solutions to everyday problems. Instead, one must put their energy and time into a better solution that solves the problem for longer or for good.

#7 Pick Up Spares

It’s never a bad idea to have spares of something – like your glasses – because sooner or later, you will find use for those spares. 

In the Oregon Trail game, you should be mindful of picking at least two spare parts of things that you think will break on the trail. 

What Made the Oregon Trail Difficult?

The Oregon game was fun, but it was also challenging. First things first, the harsh environment and climatic conditions made it difficult to survive. Many pioneers and their families lost their lives on the trail. 

The circumstances were terrible to the extent that one could find 10 graves in short distances. 

Also, the travelers from the East were known to bring diseases to the Pacific Northwest due to their unclean way of life. 


Oregon Trail is a fun game that can teach you multiple things. Whether it’s real-life or in-game, you would have to face situations you have never imagined. That’s why it is essential to always be ready for whatever happens.

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