What Makes Solitaire So Satisfying to Play?

What Makes Solitaire So Satisfying to Play?

Solitaire is one of the most popular and enduring card games of all time. It may be the most popular card game and one that, even in the 21st century, still challenges players to use their wits.

What makes solitaire so compelling is that it arranges the deck in a tantalizing array with enough cards face up to see a few steps ahead. However, a game can change course without warning, throwing your carefully laid plans into doubt, and that’s what makes it exciting. When you play solitaire, you have the ability to set your level of difficulty, so you can challenge yourself to hone your skills without stressing out.

Klondike Solitaire Rules

Klondike is the traditional version of solitaire with the standard rule set. The game board consists of four sections with multiple card piles in each one. The sections are called the tableau, stock, waste and foundation, and the objective is to move every card from the tableau to the foundation.

What makes the game challenging is that, in the foundation, you have to place cards in ascending order according to their suit. Conversely, in the tableau, you have to stack cards in descending order with alternating colors. Finding the next move can be tricky even for experienced players, and many games are impossible to win without help from a computer.

Playing Solitaire Online

Playing solitaire is much easier and more convenient than playing with a physical deck of cards. On Play-Solitaire.com, you can see hints about the next move and undo past moves as often as necessary.

Without the undo function, solitaire can be difficult and unforgiving. Likewise, the hint function makes it much easier to choose the next move even if it doesn’t eliminate the possibility of forks in the game.

When you come to a fork, you can choose to take one of several paths, and oftentimes, your choice will lead to a dead end. When you play Klondike on Play-Solitaire.com, you can use the undo feature to go back to the last fork and then try a different path. In this way, you can win most games on Play-Solitaire.com.

Why Play Klondike on Play-Solitaire.com?

Whether you have a computer, smartphone or tablet, you’ll have a smooth, consistent experience on Play-Solitaire.com. The game responds to taps on a touch screen as well as mouse clicks on a computer. No matter what size screen you have, the game will automatically adjust the layout to fit your resolution, so you won’t have to deal with awkward scrolling while you play.

If you want to keep track of your statistics, simply tap or click “Stats” to open a pop-up window containing information about your wins, losses, best times and other game details. Similarly, tap or click “Settings” to choose your game settings, deck pattern and background color. By default, game sounds are disabled, and you can turn them on by tapping or clicking “Sound On.”

When you’re looking for a free card game to play online, you can’t go wrong with Klondike solitaire. Play-Solitaire.com conveniently handles all the shuffling, dealing and scoring, so all you have to do is play. It works with any operating system or screen size, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

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