What You Should Know About Smurf Accounts

Unlike what their name suggests, smurf accounts do not entirely relate to the famous fictional blue gnomes who live in mushroom-like homes in the woods. Smurfing or having a smurf account has been a widespread phenomenon in gaming over the past two decades.

In the massive, virtual world of online gaming, new techniques, methods, moves, and strategies emerge every day. In short, smurf accounts are accounts created by professional players to play with less gifted users. But how did it all come into being, and why? Keep on reading this article to find out exactly why.

The Beginning of Smurf Accounts

Back in the late ’90s, particularly in the fantasy, real-time strategy online game Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, two top, leading players and roommates, Shlongor and Warp, used a program to utilize the multiplayer lobby feature. Shlongor and Warp were so crafty and top-notch to the point that players refused to play matches with them. In the world of gaming, when you are raised to a higher rank, you mostly get to play with others of the same rank as yours. Tired of playing with counterpart ranks, the two friends created alternate accounts so players would not find out their true identities. For some reason, they called themselves Papa Smurf and Smurfette. Hence, the idea of smurfing and smurf accounts began, where expert players create a secondary account where they can disguise themselves to pretend to be noobs and then beat people. This account is typically ranked lower than the main account of the experienced player.

Smurfing Nowadays in Gaming

The landscape of gaming is certainly different now than it was in the days of the famous duo. Currently, the majority of online multiplayer games do not allow players to select whom they want to play against. As an alternative, game developers configure automatic matchmaking. Procedures and algorithms scrutinize skill levels of gamers and match opponents consequently. 

Regrettably, for expert players, such automation often hinders finding easier competitors. In some games, playing with smurf accounts can get you banned if you are not careful. However, the internet has offered a good industry for purchasing smurf accounts. For instance, if you are a fan of the decade-old, widely loved game League of Legends, you can buy league of legends smurf account, where you will guarantee that you’ve invested your money in the right place. This option readily offers you quality accounts, steadfast customer service, and full ownership of the account.

Reasons to Smurf

There are a variety of reasons to use smurf accounts. For instance, gamers use such accounts to protect their main accounts because online games are time and effort consuming, and if anything happens to your rank or progress, it will be devastating. 

Naturally, smurfing is not a risky procedure, so players can test new strategies and moves as much as they can with

Naturally, smurfing is not a risky procedure, so players can test new strategies and moves as much as they can without being afraid of the consequences — this will make them become better players later on. It is also beneficial if you want to play with your friends who recently joined the game. Sometimes, you will like to go back to certain parts or levels in the game and, through smurf accounts, you can achieve just that.

The Controversy around Smurf Accounts

Even though creating a smurf account is not regarded by all game developers as something against the rules, it is frowned upon in the gaming community. Pro gamers who smurf ruin the fun and experience for others — it is certainly harder to conquer a smurf. While not every developer takes the same tactic when it comes to smurfing, it is considered a punishable action when smurf accounts are used to do stuff against game rules. But whether smurf accounts antagonize the rules of online games or not, smurfing itself is very difficult to prove. This, in turn, makes it a grey area for people. Inevitably, it depends on how players use it —  it is a double-edged sword.

The story of smurf accounts started out when two friends and pro gamers were unbeatable to the point that other players avoided being matched with them. Consequently, they resorted to secondary accounts to play anonymously with others of lower ranks. Little did low proficiency players know, those noobs in disguise were actual experts. In recent days, having smurf accounts is widely known all over the world. It’s a great technique for several reasons, such as saving time, anonymity, replaying certain levels, and having a stress-free gaming experience. Whether it’s accepted or not, smurfing is unquestionably an impressive gaming method.

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