Where to Play Safely

Where to Play Safely

Through 2020 and into 2021 more of us are remote working, staying at home and as a result of this more of us are sourcing our goods, services and entertainment online. This increase in online traffic has seen a massive increase of online sites popping up on our pages on an almost daily basis.

We all know that choice is a great thing for the consumer but the sheer volume of new sites arriving can be quite daunting to find a site that you feel is both safe, secure and offers you what you are looking for.

Take online casino gaming as a great example of these concerns. Many of us enjoy a bet or wager on our favourite casino game, sports or slots game yet knowing where to play for the very best experience can prove confusing actually putting some people off trying to play online.

Knowing Where to Go

We all recognise the importance of keeping ourselves safe and secure online, part of this is making sure that we never give out our password to anyone and that the passwords we use are strong ones. Most of us also recognise the sad fact that even though we have good virus protection there are some people who are bent on gaining our personal information to use for their own ill gotten gains, including our banking details.

Just like any other good online site if you go to Fruity King you will soon see how much a good site takes its players safety and security seriously. Not only does Fruity King use only the latest encryption technology to make sure their players private details remain confidential they also use only the most tried and tested depositing methods as well as offering a ‘pay by phone bill’ option.

What Exactly is ‘Pay by Phone Bill?’

The option of being able to pay by your phone bill or pay-as-you-go balance means that there is no reason to give your banking details to the site. Having your games paid for in this manner ticks a lot of boxes for a great many people as games costs are paid for right away then the cost of them are added onto your monthly bill or deducted from your pay as you go balance.

Currently the limit you can spend using this method is £30 which also suits many players as if they happen to break or lose their phone then there will not be a massive bill waiting for them at the end of the month – having this daily limit also helps players to keep their eye on what they are spending.

Signing up for ‘pay by phone bill’ is simple. All you need to do is hit the ‘pay by phone bill’ tab and follow the easy instructions and there you have it – access to a great online site packed full of the most popular games ever and all at your fingertips.

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