Why Does Horizon from Apex Legends Work So Well?

Why Does Horizon from Apex Legends Work So Well?

With the release of Apex Legends, we got a unique twist to the Battle Royal genre of games. A fast passed first-person shooter that, rewards the ones that look for fights, and punished the ones that stay away from them. This wouldn’t work if the game wasn’t full of characters that have skills built around this type of gameplay. Click here for a full tier list of characters.

We want to talk about the latest Legend released by Respawn Entertainment, Horizon. Since the first batch of Legends that was released, there hasn’t been a Legend that is so on the point with the game’s style more than Horizon. So let’s break down her toolkit.

Who Is Horizon

Horizon is a scientist, so it makes sense that her abilities are revolving around science. Her Gravity Lift creates a column where the gravity is reversed, lifting people from the ground. It can be used in various ways, allowing Horizon and her team to attack enemies from unexpected angles, take the high ground more easily, as well as being used for defensive purposes (blocking passages, running away from enemies, etc.).

Her ultimate ability is the Black Hole. She throws a small device that creates a mini-black hole, pulling the enemies towards the center of it. If used in coordination with grenades, arc-stars, and thermite, it can deal a lot of damage to a team that is trying to stay hidden, behind the safety of their cover.

Her passive ability is Spacewalk. If you haven’t played Horizon, there is no easy way of making you understand how important this passive is. It might seem like a small addition to her other great abilities, but it’s actually the most important one. Practically it allows Horizon, to move faster when she is in the air, but also, to be able to move faster, after she has fallen from a great height (which happens a lot thanks to her Gravity Lift. This passive ability is what makes this hero work so well and works amazingly in combination with the rest of her skills. It gives you the freedom to play faster, without worrying about the things that other characters have to worry about.

Why Does Horizon Work So Well?

Horizon works so well because she allows the player to do the most absurd maneuvers while confusing the enemies and making him feel like a God

As we saw, Horizon’s toolkit is one that incentivizes the player to learn to aim and move even under the most unconditional circumstances (weird angles, fast/ unpredictable movements). Something that if you have played a bit of Apex Legends, happens all the time. So if you want to understand the power of Horizon, we suggest you play her a bit, you will feel her power immediately.

We are ready to check out the newest Legend that is coming out for Season 8, Mayhem. From what we have seen, there is a great probability he is another great addition to the Apex Legends roster.

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