Why Online Casinos Set the Baseline for Gaming Systems

Before the year 2000, digital interactive gaming wasn’t always an easy thing to find. Players required dedicated computer or console systems as a baseline, both of which could be prohibitively expensive and disregarded as luxury goods. Today, however, gaming is ubiquitous, shared over an ever-growing range of smart-enabled devices. Yet, as far as gaming has come, not all avenues are developing equally. Taking a look at online casinos, we want to explore how some opportunities open up, and why these casinos can set a base level of playability for other games and genres to follow.

The Online Casinos of Today

The contemporary digital casino market is immense, featuring thousands of different games from every genre imaginable. For an example of this, online roulette at Paddy Power Games comes with a significant selection in this form of table game alone, such as Live Immersive Roulette or more a classic European style. It’s not just the games that drive involvement, though, just as important is how they’re accessible.

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Base Level Access

As for why being able to play casino games is so important for setting a standard in gaming, the reasons revolve around concerns of screen space and input capabilities. For a device to be realistically capable of playing digital games, it needs to have both a screen and a way to input commands. On a more advanced scale, this is the idea behind computer monitors and keyboards, but this path represents the most complicated option available. Such systems can play practically every game available thanks to their input and display, from the most demanding FPS titles to online casino games without issue.

More streamlined systems like a handheld Nintendo Switch or the upcoming Steam Deck have far fewer buttons and more limited visual real estate, yet they still leverage components to great effect. These can still play complicated games, but due to input limitations, they can’t quite achieve what a PC could. In this way, more complex titles would begin to suffer taking this much of a step back, but games like those on online casinos would see no such restrictions.

Taking the biggest step back are mobile phones. Now ubiquitous in daily life as noted by Pew Research, these devices have small screens and operate near exclusively through touch control. This control means that games like FPS titles begin to struggle, as human issues with touch screens begin to arise. Again, however, online casino titles see no such problems, allowing PC-perfect gameplay even on older or less powerful smartphones.

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In this way, online casino games can act as a sort of litmus test to determine if a system is truly game capable. If a system can play an online casino game, then it essentially crossed the nebulous threshold into becoming a viable interactive entertainment machine. While this concept is generally applied to mobiles as the baseline, it can also theoretically be applied to the increasingly capable world of smart devices. It’s an interesting idea and one which can demonstrate developments to come. In simple terms; if a system is capable of playing online casino games today, you can bet that it will open up to more experiences tomorrow.

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