Wii U version Rodea The Sky Soldier packs Wii copy as well

Wii U version Rodea The Sky Soldier packs Wii copy as well

Most Wii owners who have upgraded their console gaming to the newer Wii U console will probably find its older brother under a stack of dust by now, neglected as an old pair of shoes in a gloomy basement. NIS America will have you booting your Wii once again, however, as it has announced that Rodea The Sky Soldier will be packing both the Wii U and the Wii version, which was actually meant to be the original one. Moreover, only the Wii title will contain multiplayer gameplay, probably making it a worthwile version for, you know… People with friends.

As this is mostly meant as fan service, only the first print run would be boasting a two volume package. Next prints would only yield the Wii U version, rendering the Wii title a collectible extra.


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Tom Cornelis

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