Wiko Highway – Hardware Review
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Wiko Highway – Hardware Review

Good: Affordable, Great media options, great specs
Bad: No SD-slot
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Wiko an upcoming brand that creates smartphones, has already presented us with two fun, budget priced smartphones. Today we have the chance to try out a slightly more expensive model, the Wiko Highway. This happens to be one of their top models, hopefully it can convince those who are looking for a high end phone, for an affordable price.



More and more smartphones are heading towards the same design, namely a simple, sleek black design that stands for class. The Wiko Highway is no exception, even with the few original touches the designers implemented.

Wiko’s Highway chose to put all the buttons on the side, instead of a power button at the top and the volume buttons on the side. You’ll also see a small, external speaker on the bottom side of the device. And last but not least, just like the Darkfull model, the camera is very close to the top border of the phone, on the backside.

The glossy design of the phone gets stained quite easily. This means not only the screen will gets smudged visibly but the rest of the phone as well. The aluminum case of the phone gets smeared quite easily but with the right cleaning cloth, the smears disappear just as fast.



Overall the Highway proves to be fairly comfortable. The big screen (5 inch) proves to be crystal clear but proves to be quite unreadable in sunlight. Then again, this problem occurs with nearly all smartphones.

The phone itself is quite slim but still quite sturdy thanks to the aluminum finish. Combine that with the overall ‘light’ weight and you’re pretty much good to go.

Sadly, the side buttons feel quite flimsy and they are incorporated in the design a bit too much. This means you’ll hardly feel the buttons, if for example, you wish to regulate the volume level when walking down the street.


  • 5” full HD display (1920 x 1080)
  • 16 GB ROM
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Octa core 2ghz
  • 16 MP camera (back)
  • 8 MP camera (front)
  • Dual Sim



As stated above, the 5” monitor gives crisp-clear images and if protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2. The full HD, is quite impressive on a smartphone, especially when watching clips or playing games. It’s quite clear that this is truly a media device, instead of just ‘another smartphone’.

The overall speed of the device is also not to be underestimated. Navigating through the menu’s as well as swiftly running apps and games are no issue. You’ll be able to run games that require quite heavy specs and run them without any real issues. At first the phone heats up a little but stabilizes after that. The heat never gets annoying.

With the internal memory of the phone, you’ll have some room to install apps, games, music and so on. For most users the 16GB internal space will suffice but the Highway does not present the user with the option to add their storage space with an SD card. This does not only mean that you’re limited to the 16GB internal storage but those who often want to transfer files to their pc or switch phones at certain events, will have to do this through the usage of USB. Whilst USB is still easy to use, it proves to be a lot more time consuming.

When taking pictures you’ll come to realize that smartphones are getting more and more powerful when it comes to snapping that perfect picture. The 16 MP that the backside camera presents you with will certainly suffice in capturing great pictures. A 8 MP front camera will make sure you’ll be able to take fairly sharp selfies, which is again a slight plus. That being said, the camera sometimes takes a while to focus in rooms that are lit with artificial light. Also, when taking pictures you’ll have to be careful not to hold your finger in front of the lens. This has to do with the slightly more awkward placement compared to other phones.


Just like many of its other phones, Wiko presents the user with the option of inserting two SIM cards. A great chance for those who wish to combine their personal life, with certain job activities. Needing only one phone simplifies a lot of activities, if you normally have to use a second phone for your work.


The Wiko Highway proves to be a great device, especially for its price. The Highway is a decent competitor for certain high-end devices from other brands but at a lot lower price. You’ll be presented with great media functions, gaming capabilities and a good looking and sturdy phone that certainly has enough power.

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Wiko Highway - Hardware Review, 4.4 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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