Wiko MINZ+ – Hardware Review
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Wiko MINZ+ – Hardware Review

Good: Basic functionalities
Bad: Not something for the hardcore phonegeeks
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A lot of the cellphones nowadays have several buttons and functions. Some of them might use them, while others aren’t that keen on all that new stuff.  If you’re looking for an easy-to-work-with device, the Wiko MINZ + might be the device for you.



The MINZ+ is one of those phones that still has a keyboard implemented. The buttons are nicely finished and it doesn’t feel too crowded. There is still room for a decent screen. This screen isn’t the biggest that is available nowadays, but it is nicely balanced in comparison with the keyboard. The backside of the phone is finished with small rectangle-like shapes, so it gives the MINZ+ a great feeling sensation. Although this is a bonus, it might also be a dirt magnet.


This phone is a real lightweight and is lovely to hold in your hands. All of the buttons are easy to access and are great to push. There is a little bit of pressure when you press one, which make you have to push it a bit harder, but not too hard. The buttons have a smooth surface, which gives it a great feeling. Another aspect is that these buttons are big enough for your fingers, so you won’t have a lot of problems when typing a message. It has to be said that the more older generation might have problems though.

There are two buttons foreseen for accessing your music and your message inbox. This gives you a nice shortcut so you can get at these menus quite fast. The phone button isn’t that obvious though, but when you know where to press, you’re good to go.

A minor remark is that the cover is really hard to open. The developers foresaw a small space where you can place your fingernail or anything else suitable for this job, but it is hard to get it off. The sides seems to be shut to never be opened. I really thought I was going to break of the cover if I was going to push any further, but it survived (thank God).



  • Clear and vivid 2,3 inch screen
  • Dual SIM possibility
  • Sizes:  112*61.5*12.5 mm
  • Weight: 88g
  • SD-card up to 8 GB possible
  • 1.3 MP camera
  • Bluetooth
  • MP3


A cell phone has some basic functionalities it just needs to have, and the Wiko MINZ+ has them all but nothing more than that either. You can make phone calls and send text messages to all of your friends. The texting goes quite fast due to the AZERTY-keyboard, although it might be an acclimatization for people who didn’t use a keyboard on their phone before.

Next to that, you can also listen to music with your MP3-player. The MINZ+ has the possibility to place an SD-card up to 8 GB, so you can listen to all of your favourite music. Even better, you can place .txt-files on the SD-card as well, so you can read your book on your phone with the e-book reader. This might be a great idea if you don’t have anything else that can do this job, although the text might be a bit small.


This phone has the possibility to hold two SIM-cards. This is great if you want to keep work and your private life separated while using the same phone. You can easily switch between the two cards by pressing the designated buttons.

Last but not least, you have the possibility to configure your internet settings, although it isn’t clear why this should be done, since there isn’t anything you can open that is internet-related.


The Wiko MINZ+ is an easy and practical phone that offers the pure functionalities a phone should have. Since you can place two SIM-cards, this phone is excellent if you want to have one communication method, while keeping private stuff and work separated. The price isn’t that high as well, thus this is an option for children as well.

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Rating: 3.3/10 (7 votes cast)
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Wiko MINZ+ - Hardware Review, 3.3 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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