Wiko Sunset – Hardware Review
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Developer : Wiko
Publisher: Wiko
Platform: Android

Wiko Sunset – Hardware Review

Good: Great design, works fine
Bad: Outdated hardware
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A lot of the smartphones cost a lot of money but there are some models that are decent and not that expensive, you just have to find them. The Wiko Sunset might be the phone that is qualified to be called a budget phone, but it offers you a lot more than cheap parts.



The Wiko Sunset has an atypical design. Its exterior panel has some bright colours and has a slightly bigger size than the phone. This means that you can see the colour at the edges of the phone and even when you’re looking straight at it. This gives the phone a fun look. The touchscreen buttons are in contrasting silver and the black surroundings match superb with the funky colours. It has everything it needs to be a splendid stylish device.


Comfort wise the Wiko Sunset has a good and bad point. The nice details we described in the previous section are now a bit of a negative point. The edge of the cover doesn’t feel that great when you hold the phone in your hand. On the other side, the 4” screen makes that the Sunset isn’t that particularly big and that you have a nice grip.

The buttons at the bottom of the screen aren’t that sensitive, making that you will have to press on the centre of the key before something will happen. This might be great when you accidentally press the wrong button, but it is kind of annoying at times.


  • 4” screen
  • WVGA (480*800 px)
  • 2 MP Camera back
  • 1,3 MP Camera front
  • Dual Core 1.3 GHz
  • 4 GB ROM
  • Up to 32 GB Micro SD
  • Dual SIM
  • 300 hours battery in standby


This phone has everything it needs to be practical and handy for the daily tasks. The dual core processor might seem a bit outdated but it still runs smoothly. It can even handle the bigger apps and files and navigating the menus work properly. Of course you will notice a big difference with the Wiko Highway for instance, but it still be sufficient for a lot of people.

The colours of the screen are ok although the Sunset only has a 480×800 px resolution. This doesn’t seem that much, it will astonish you how bright the colours are for those settings.

If you’re looking for a phone that has a great battery and that you don’t have to recharge a lot, this phone will be your thing. When you don’t use the Sunset, its battery will last approximately 300 hours. When using the phone, it will only last around 12 hours (which is still a lot).

The Wiko Sunset has 4GB ROM to work with, but you can expand its memory by inserting a micro SD and it won’t take the place of your second SIM-card. This SD can be up to 32 GB so you will have enough room for all your photos and applications. Talking about photos, this phone has two cameras. The one on the back is 2 MP and the one on the front is 1,3 MP. This might be a bit of a downer for the selfie-fanatics out there or for the people who just like to take pictures.


Of course, seeing we are a gaming site we were wondering how well games would run on the Wiko Sunset. Seeing the specs, it can definitely handle the smaller games as well as the bigger ones, although you might notice a bit of lag. The phone might heat up more when you’re playing bigger and heavier games but it won’t be that troublesome.


The Wiko Sunset is a great standard phone that gives you the basic functionalities and the possibility to play small and bigger games. The specs might not be that great but the design makes up for that and you have to keep in mind that this phone is in the budget class. If you’re looking for an affordable model with decent specs for its price, the Wiko Sunset might be the one for you.

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Rating: 5.6/10 (12 votes cast)
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Wiko Sunset - Hardware Review, 5.6 out of 10 based on 12 ratings

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