Wiko’s new smartphone: The HIGHWAY SIGNS

Wiko’s new smartphone: The HIGHWAY SIGNS

Wiko has just recently added a new smartphone to their HIGHWAY series called the HIGHWAY SIGNS. The HIGHWAY SIGNS is equipped with a octa-core 1.4 GHz processor. The screen of the’ HIGHWAY SIGNS is 4.7 inches and it offers an HD resolution. The Wiko HIGHWAY SIGNS also has a front and back camera, the front camera offering 5 MP and the back camera offering 8 MP. The amount of MP of the back camera is a setback compared to the original Wiko HIGHWAY which was equipped with a 16 MP back camera.


Wiko’s HIGHWAY SIGNS gives you the opportunity to combine 2 different phone numbers and to expand you memory up to 32 GB by inserting MicroSD cards.

When buying the HIGHWAY SIGNS, you’ll also get different accessories like a protection kit for your screen and coloured back covers.

All of this is available at the starting price of 199,90€

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