Wildcat Gun Machine launches today

Wildcat Gun Machine launches today

Daedalic Entertainment and Chunkybox Game have announced the launch of their new bullet-hell dungeon crawler Wildcat Gun Machine. Create mayhem and take on disgusting flesh abominations with an arsenal of mighty guns and extra cat power.

In Wildcat Gun Machine, you’ll be thrown into maze-like dungeons full of disgusting and ferocious enemies to liberate giant mech robots from the demonic elder gods in a story that H.P. Lovecraft would be proud of. Players can choose between forty different gun types and eliminate their enemies with super abilities born from character upgrades. Instead of randomizing enemy encounters, they are specifically designed to provide difficult combat puzzles, making boss battles a classic bullet hell experience with a twist.

Wildcat Gun Machine is now available for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Check out the release trailer for Wildcat Gun Machine below this post.

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