WoW! Has it been 13 years already?

WoW! Has it been 13 years already?

13 years old already! Can you remember your first character? Your first time entering the portal to the Burning Crusade’s story? Blizzard can! From now until the 30th of November at 10pm CET, you’ll be able to collect weapons from vanilla World of Warcraft, fight classic bosses, and get achievements while you do it. The weapons dropped by the upgraded dragon bosses will be scaled to item level 900, or 915 after titanforging. In the welcome package, as per usual, you will find your token for the 13% experience and reputation for an hour. On top of that you will get 200 timewarped badges to buy the Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses on top of the returning items from previous years.

In another throwback to the grind fest that vanilla WoW was, you can do them daily for the drops. See ya on the servers!

WoW world bosses

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