Wrejects – A blockchain based wrestling card battle game

Wrejects – A blockchain based wrestling card battle game

The galactic wrestling league card game ‘Wrejects’ will be coming soon to desktop browsers and on mobile, with an upcoming first airdrop of cards planned on March 15th. The game itself is officially set to launch in Q4, 2022. Wrejects is developed and published by the indie art collective studio Boss Cannon.

Set on the unforgiving planet of Pakanthi, as corporations fight over ownership of ultra rare and highly valuable Painium ore, locals look to a prison based bloodsport for entertainment. As these fights grow in popularity and financial success, champions are born from prisoners and mercenaries alike as they battle to become a universal star in the Wrejects Galactic Wrestling League.

Built on the blockchain, Wrejects allows players to collect and fight with NFT cards of characters, items and arenas all the while earning Painium tokens through playing the game. Fights are simulated between player-managed NFT characters so preparation and strategy is the key to success. Each bout has a winners purse of Painium tokens which has real world value and can be exchanged for other currency or between players.

Choose your fighter from a unique roster of characters: from well-rounded Corp Bots to tactically diverse Wrejects – each with their own unique fighting style and attributes – to be your champion; with only 150 Wrejects made per mint, grab them quick while they’re available! Attributes to pay attention to include damage-dealing Attack stats, stubborn Defenses, long lasting Stamina and ninja-like Dexterity. Once your fighter is chosen it’s time to load up with some devastating items, three per fighter, that can provide an added boost to your fighter’s offensive or defensive output which can provide the cutting edge needed to win.

Visit the official website of Wrejects for more information!

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