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In my day, when you wanted to cheat, you had to do an impossible button combination on your controller at the title screen to gain infinite lives, become invincible or to unlock extra content and characters. When I say “my day” I’m talking about the 1950’s. Everything was in black and white, the World Wide Web wasn’t invented yet and the trumpeter Louis Armstrong still had to build his space shuttle to travel to the moon.


The only legal way to get cheats was to go to the cheating office and spend loads of cash to get the latest cheat codes. Needless to say, this was too expensive for someone like me who was still in high school. Me and my cronies decided to rip off old people instead. We’d gather in a bar, get high on milk plus and invade the old people’s homes, stealing everything of value. With the money we’d get from the stuff we stole we could buy all the cheats we wanted. It was a great time. You can read all about it in my memoires “Cooking for dummies”.

Oh, how the world has changed! These days I just log in on my ordinateur suprême, go to the Youtubes and find every walkthrough for every game ever created. In colour! With the Googles I can type in the name of a game followed by the word “cheat” and I get billions of sites with gazillions of cheats. Yes, that many!

However, the system isn’t perfect. With walkthroughs and tips you still have to PLAY the game to advance and with some modern games there just aren’t any cheats to become invincible or have unlimited ammo.

This is where the Xploder Cheat System comes in. What it does is that it allows you to download savegames from other users and advance a game without actually playing. You can download a savegame of “Game X” where you (not really ‘you’ but someone else) finished nearly all the missions and have one million dollar in the bank or how about a save for “Game Y” where you have a bunch of hard to find items without the need of having to find them yourself.

How does it work (in this case, on xbox 360)?

You need to install the Exploder Cheat System software on your PC. With it you can search for and download savegames. After that, you need to connect a USB stick to your console, take / create a profile and save a game on the stick. When that is done you need to connect the stick to your pc and you can install a saved game you have downloaded with the Xploder software on the stick. When you connect the USB stick to your console, it will load the saved game that you have downloaded.

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Does it actually work?

Yes, it works. However, it’s a bit complicated. You need to install the Xploder software on a PC so you need more than just your console. The installation itself is pretty straightforward; it installed without any issues on my PC.

You have to install your savegames on an external disc or stick. I used a 32 GB USB stick but you can use smaller ones. This means that, to transfer savegames, you’ll be swapping between your PC and console. With many games you can only install and use one saved game. So if you want to try out several different savegames for one specific game, you’ll need to swap a lot.

The saved games you download have been uploaded by other users. This means that you never really know what you’ll get. There is a description with every download but it’s not always clear. This also means that the system is very user dependent, there won’t be (many) downloads for every game out there.

Is it worth it?

For me it’s not really worth the €19.95 (download without CD is €14.95). I would only use it if I was really stuck in a game and / or if I was completely bored with it. Ordinary walkthroughs and tips are usually enough for me to advance in a game when I’m stuck. Using saved games of others defeats the purpose of playing a game in the first place.

On the other hand, if you want to have every item in a certain game and you can’t find or obtain it through grinding, Xploder might give you an opportunity to have it after all. In the end it all depends on how you want to play your games.

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