You Can Finish These 10 Amazing Games in One Night

You Can Finish These 10 Amazing Games in One Night

For anyone with busy schedules, committing to 100+ hours of gaming may seem impossible. However, much of the marketing around video games paints a different reality – one that advertises an abundance of content and opportunities to enjoy gaming within one’s limited time frame.

There’s no shortage of engaging content that won’t take up too much of your time. So, if you need a break from watching movies or flipping through chapters, you can check out this collection of 10 entertaining titles. From action-packed fighting and shooting games to mysterious brainteasers, all the way to progressive ones with the chance to earn some good money – each and every one of these games provides an entire experience to relish in, without taking up a lot of your time.

Thomas Was Alone

With Thomas Was Alone, you’ll plunge into a captivating new experience as you guide rectangles of varied sizes and bounteous jumping capabilities towards the end of each level. You’ll feel things about rectangles that you never knew were possible while enjoying the chance to win big like striking a casino progressive jackpot. It’s an imaginative rendition of Super Mario, elevating the retro side-scroller to a whole new level.

What begins as a basic hopping box venture quickly blossoms into an immersive and touching experience in video gaming. At the end of it all, one is left with a feeling akin to hitting the progressive casino jackpots since pleasant surprises await around every bend.

The Room Trilogy

Playing the Room series of games presents a captivating and immersive experience, with its complexly designed puzzle boxes offering a rich tactility on a touch screen. Each hinge can be manipulated, drawers can be explored, and cunningly concealed secret panels and buttons are ready to be discovered.

On top of the delight of interacting with these puzzles as standalone toys, they also come encapsulated in a chillingly compelling occult-themed narrative that only becomes unraveled as players progress.

To The Moon

A tale crafted from timeless 8 and 16-bit RPG archetypes – though without the common staples of magic and creatures – To the Moon immerses the player in a narrative of profound emotion. A large corporation exists to provide artificial dreams to those in their last days, and the story centers on Johnny Wyles, who wishes to reach the lunar surface; yet he is unsure as to why.


You can also uncover the delightful surprise that Undertale holds, one of the funniest games in recent memory, by approaching it with no prior knowledge. Imagine experiencing this enigmatic world as if it were a charming indie tribute to classic role-playing games like the cult Super Nintendo title Earthbound, and let yourself be challenged by an enthralling journey in which you befriend monsters instead of fighting them.


Superhot stands out amongst the plethora of shooting games, primarily due to its uncluttered visuals and a revolutionary mechanism: time only moves when you do, which morphs shooting into solving a puzzle. Moreover, the game has an interesting narrative with a tongue-in-cheek meta function, parodying an archaic MS-DOS game at the time of launch.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Whilst traditional shooting titles tend to be incredibly lengthy and don’t offer the sense of fulfillment when completed, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon offers a quick-fire gaming experience that doesn’t needlessly drag on and wastes no time in providing exciting action and satisfying conclusions. You will be welcomed to the world of lasers, robots, and dinosaurs – all to be conquered by Major Rex Power Colt, the cyborg super soldier.

The Swapper

Featuring a sci-fi mystery with harrowing existential terror, The Swapper delves into the notions of identity and awareness. Here, players wield the titular tool – a ray gun of sorts – to spawn clones of themselves. Falling into the cycle of life and death, they can switch between vessels at wishes, letting them essentially cheat death and command over their physical being.

To complete The Swapper’s progressively more difficult obstacles, no additional weapons are obtained; instead, the size of the sacrifice increases, with clones meeting ghastly ends instead of the original player.


Tim’s epic venture, Braid, has shaped the indie game scene as he embarks on a mission to free a damsel-in-distress from the clutches of a mysterious adversary. Blending captivating visuals with innovative gameplay features that traverse and defy the linearity of time, Braid unveils hints of a subtle story arc. Through decisions which modify the circumstances of time itself, this game delivers an unforgettable conclusion, which lingers long after the credits roll.

Mortal Kombat X

For those who prefer to experience an escapade filled with cinematic thrill, Netherrealm Studios is the mastermind behind the iconic Mortal Kombat X. Its story mode brings an unprecedented action-packed adventure, truly incomparable to other existing fighting games. With jaw-dropping sequences and unimaginable plot twists like those in a Michael Bay film, this journey is sure to bring a memorable experience.

Her Story

Finally, we come to Her Story, one that takes a different turn than the standard elements found within many games. When you open the game, you meet an interface that helps you to investigate footage of a lady being asked questions over multiple days concerning a murder linked with her. By posing the accurate inquiries, you can examine more video evidence and then finally unravel the murder story.

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