Your Career Life After Getting (ISC)2 CISSP Certification

Your Career Life After Getting (ISC)2 CISSP Certification

The trends in security are constantly evolving nowadays. Thus, international companies are looking for security experts who can protect their systems and have the necessary knowledge to come with immediate solutions whenever a security breach appears. Also, managers are open to paying generous salaries to those candidates who prove that they have the right skills and expertise to protect their businesses from attacks and hackers.

If you want to develop a successful career in cybersecurity, you will need a reputable certification that can consolidate your knowledge and validate your abilities on security matters. The CISSP credential remains one of the most wanted accreditations in the world. Recruiters value those candidates who have this badge in their resume and will fight against each other to convince them to sign the offer for their companies.

All these being considered and you can greatly leverage your career if you are successful in the CISSP exam. We have created this article to tell you more about how your life could look if you become CISSP certified Visit Website .

Top Skills Necessary for CISSP Accreditation

The CISSP is an international credential recognized anywhere in the world. In most cases, the successful candidates are eligible for management positions and are considered key members of security teams after they attain this cert. Also, if you want to earn the passing score in the CISSP test, you will need to develop the following sets of skills:

  • Know how to use and deploy security governance concepts and principles;
  • Make sure that you have secured the right asset retention;
  • Understand and know how to apply engineering concepts and security architecture;
  • Give the right access to users and manage the identification process;
  • Lead security audits;
  • Monitor logging activities;
  • Keep the highest level of software security;
  • Maintain the proper security levels to all network components;

Now that you know what type of skills you will need to develop if you want to become CISSP certified, get ready to find more about your career prospects after successfully passing your test.

Career Prospects after Becoming CISSP Certified

According to Certbolt (ISC)2, the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, you can be hired in one of the following positions if you earn their CISSP credential. Take a look at the list below and choose the job that you think would be the best for you:

  • Security consultant or manager;
  • Security analyst or systems engineer;
  • Network or security architect;
  • IT manager;
  • Security director;
  • Security auditor;
  • Chief information security officer.
  • CISSP Certification

As you can see from the list above, all the jobs mentioned are of managerial level. So, you can imagine that you will receive a higher salary and have a better reputation for the company. Are you curious to know how much you could earn if you become CISSP certified? We have taken the security manager as an example and highlighted the annual salary that you can earn if you get hired in this position.

What Is the Annual Payment for a Security Manager?

According to, the average salary that a security manager can earn in one year is approximately $67,560. One of the highest annual payments is offered by Amazon. They will pay around $105k to a skilled security manager. Lockheed Martin Corp and U.S. Air Force have also some open positions for security managers. Their offers are also worth to be considered. The annual salary offered by these companies is between $91,555 and $85,000 respectively. However, also claims that CISSP Certification Training individuals can earn yearly as much as $112k.

If you manage to get your CISSP certification, you have greater chances to receive the maximum possible offer. Recruiters appreciate candidates who put a lot of effort into becoming certified and invested time and money in learning everything about security. As they know that the CISSP assessment is not easy, recruiters value successful exam-passers as they know that they have strong knowledge of security matters.

What Does the Job Market for CISSP Graduates Look Like?

The job market for information security professionals is in continual progress. Thus, you will be entering a job market with a high demand for skilled professionals. Also, the demand for CISSP accreditation holders is growing consistently. Therefore, if you get this badge today, it won’t take long until you are hired on the job of your dreams.

Another big advantage is that you can use this credential in different industries. According to available statistics, the highest demand for CISSP credential holders is in the following domains like Defense, Finance, Professional Services, and Manufacturing.

These domains have many vulnerabilities. Therefore, you will need to master security concepts very well and ensure the highest level of security for business processes. The CISSP certification will help you prove your skills and be considered as a priority candidate before all the others are invited to the interview. So, you should look at your CISSP accreditation as a unique chance to leverage your career in security.


The CISSP accreditation is exactly what you need if you want to secure a well-paid job in different domains. The job market is expanding constantly, and skilled professionals are required to fill managerial positions. Also, you should look at this badge as your unique advantage to differentiate yourself from other competitors. As the CISSP test is quite difficult, not everyone is able to pass it. So, if you study hard and get the passing score from the first attempt, you will become part of an exclusive group of people that possess the newest information on security matters. Finally, you shouldn’t forget about the generous salaries that you can receive as a certified CISSP professional. With ambitions and a structured schedule, you can make this dream come true. Are you ready?

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