Zombasite – Preview
Follow Genre: Action adventure
Developer: Soldak Entertainment
Publisher: Soldak Entertainment
Platforms: PC
Tested on: PC

Zombasite – Preview

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The dark ages, the times where swords and shield were used to inflict damage upon others. The time where desease and famine, war and pestilence ran rampant. This is where a lot of fiction writers find their inspiration. With nothing but hocus pocus and papal beliefs to cling to, the medieval times were harsh. The developers of Zombasite managed to up even those conditions, not only is there no medicine to cure the ailing, but there’s a curse running through the land, which has called upon all unholy things. The developers behind Zombasite, Soldak Entertainment, have one thing down to a t, which is creating action RPG’s. All the more reason to give Zombasite a spin.


In a world where games are spewed out at the rate of breaths taken per minute, it’s hard to come up with something truly unique and 100% never done before. Zombasite doesn’t hide the fact that its meat and bones are inspired by other games. Then again, it joins the ranks upon which future action RPG’s can build and built upon.

If you take the historical correct path, you’ll see that living in the age of the sword and armor wasn’t pleasant to say the least. The blades were dull, the armour unwieldy, so much so, you needed a crane to be set upon your horse. Desease was common and death was often slow. Zombasite captures this essence and then adds some. Not only are there no modern commodities to make the flood of zombies, demons, imps, skeletons easier to deal with, you are also in an age where the only communication is word of mouth. The best way to find out just how messed up the situation is, is to head out of your clan village and see what there is to see.

zombasite_04Clans are a main point of gameplay in Zombasite. Every map there is a set of clans. Just like in medieval times, these vye for victory, ground, and power, so it’s up to you, the emissary of your clan to either unite all clans or completely annihilate them. Mind you that’sjust two of the ways to win. There are in fact four ways to win. If you are more of an altruistic person and love hunting down fauna, however savage the creatures are, then you might want to opt for the questing victory. Finish every quest to earn your victory and some massive loot along the way. Among the loot there will be resources, which ties into the last method of victory. The four ways of victory just flow together and before long you’ll find yourself doing a bit of every method and finding yourself immersed in the vast amount of content this creates.


Aesthetic wise the game is rather nice to look at, however the maps can be mazes, not because of the layout, but because of the overlaying scenery. Trees and shrubbery block the full view and you’ll often misclick on npc’s. When these are just quest givers it’s not much of a problem, but when it’s an enemy, things become problematic.

Usually enemies just wander up to you and all you have to do is click on them until they’re dead. Not these, they run around like a toddler on a sugar rush and misclicking can mean all the difference between killing or being killed. Enemies often come in herds and even though most of them don’t hit very hard, their relentless attacking can down you rather quickly. Enemies also don’t distinguish between friend or foe. It’s rather funny to see when a boss you are assigned to kill to finish a quest gets mauled by several enemies.


When you’ve created your character, you can choose just how strong the opposition will be. This however does not mean you won’t find creatures that are really strong, early on. Zombasite doesn’t really give you any direction on where to go or where not to go, which makes it possible for you to wander into dangerous territory. If you want to make sure to survive, you’ll have to build your character by gaining experience and adding points to your statistics. As you level up you’ll also have to possibility to upgrade your skills. Before long the terrritory where the monstrosities owned you, will soon become manageable and the exploration can continue.

Losing is not done by dying, it is however done when your clan or clans are wiped out. When this happens, you won’t have to worry, because then you’ll ten minutes to recruit another clan and continue your play through.


With all that going on, it’s often easy to miss another aspect of a game, which is the sound. There is little music to accompany you on your journey. This creates a tense silence, only broken up by the terrifying and horrendous noises emitted by the beasts, demons, imps, ghouls not to forget the zombies roaming the lands.


Zombasite is an action rpg where you lead a clan to victory. There’s a lot of content for fans of the genre to enjoy. Definitely worth a look into, even if you are on the fence on whether or not you like action rpg’s. With a lot of different character classes and difficulty settings, that alone creates a large pool of content. Add large maps and lots of quests and you’ll be playing for hours.

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