Zombie Driver HD available for free for a limited time

Zombie Driver HD available for free for a limited time

Zombie Driver, the action-packed zombie shooter where you smash zombies with your destructive vehicles is celebrating its 10th anniversary today. For this occasion, EXOR Studios has decided to make the game free for a limited time on Steam. Today, you can download Zombie Driver HD for free on Steam as a Daily Deal and you get to keep it! That’s not all as another game from the studio, X-Morph: Defense is now 75% off including the core game and all DLC.

In Zombie Driver HD, you can roam freely through an open city and participate in epic boss fights, side-quests, and complete bonus objectives. In Blood Race Mode, you can enjoy a classic race spiced up with guns and infinite waves of zombies. You can also upgrade your care for more speed and more bloodshed on the road.

Be quick and download this game for free now as this game will only be free for a limited time! The gameplay trailer of Zombie Drier HD can be seen below this post to see what you are going to get for free.

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