Zombie escape game Corridor Z announced

Zombie escape game Corridor Z announced

Famous as we are (really!), the 3rd Strike team tends to get a lot of mails. While most of them are pretty normal, sometimes they can be a bit weird. Two days ago, we got the following message from a girl who’s apparently called Meg Wells:


Sent from my iPhone

Cursing the grammar errors aside, our Chief Editor didn’t really know what to do with all of this. Today, however, Mass Creation clarified this strange mail with the trailer below. They are working on Corridor Z, a new zombie game that’s apparently made up of running through high school hallways in order to try and reach the exit without become a walking corpse yourself.

As Meg’s mail is supposedly sent with an iPhone, this will probably be a mobile game. This is nothing but speculation as at the moment of writing, the game’s official website shows nothing but the logo while zombie screams fill your ears.

Another run of the mill zombie title or an infection to be reckoned with? Time will tell!

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Tom Cornelis

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  1. […] Our first post about Corridor Z, which is being developed by Mass Creations Games, was a bit vague. That was caused by the fact that no details whatsoever were available at that time. Luckily everything is a lot clearer now as we’ve received more information. We already knew Corridor Z was going to be a mobile game but now we know that it’s an endless runner which is “zombified”. You can pick between three characters but they all start out in a high school which gets overrun. The school gets locked down with the main characters still inside so it’s your task to get them out safe and avoid the zombies while doing so. To help you do so, you’ve got access to an arsenal of weapons which can all be upgraded. Tying everything together is an unique story where you get to discover what really happened. […]

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