Zombiebucket will be released soon!

Zombiebucket will be released soon!

Android and iOS games are still booming and the frenzy just doesn’t seem to end. If you’re looking for something else, you can try Zombiebucket on the 28th of May.

This app, made by One More Level and Submachine Factory, will give you the joy to kill zombies. Lots and lots of zombies … in a bucket. Be ready and stretch your fingers though, since you will need to be fast and have a keen eye. This free game will only be available on iOS though.

Here is a bit more detailed information:

  • Kill Zombies with Lasers, Explosions and Electricity
  • Unlock and upgrade your buckets
  • Create luscious combos
  • Explosions (Yipee ki yay!)
  • Catch all collectible Superzombies
  • Compete with your friends and become the most skilled BucketMaster in the Universe.

If these facts haven’t got you convinced, you can always take a peek at the trailer or look at the screenshots. Bombs away!

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Faster than lightning

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